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Can Car Cover Damage Paint?


Many opinions are raised concerning car covers. A lot is said about its overall performance on the cars. However, from the views you probably heard, is it reasonable to use car covers? Can car cover damage paint?

A car cover will damage your paintwork depending on your cover and the surrounding conditions. Using car covers in strong wind conditions will rub against the paintwork and cause damage. However, the most common cause of car covers damaging car paints is when incorrectly fitted. It is best to follow the right steps when putting on car covers.

This article details more about the types of car covers and how you should deal with paint stains whenever they appear on your car.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Car Covers

Light materials, including satin and polypropylene, make up these covers. They protect vehicles in indoor spaces like garages.

The main protection of these types of covers in indoor spaces is from dust and other particulates.

However, these covers won’t do well in outdoor spaces full of strong winds, sun rays, and heavy debris.

While outdoor covers protect your car in outdoor spaces like the parking zone, these types of covers can survive harsh weather conditions due to their toughness and durability. Using an indoor cover for a parked vehicle will damage paint through sun rays and strong winds.


Waterproof vs. Water Repellent Car Covers

Waterproof covers help in blocking water from reaching the car’s paint surface. Nylon and fabrics make up this type of car cover; this also means that there won’t be any escape of water from the car whenever it’s covered. You’ll find them more affordable when compared to their counterparts. They can also lead to issues with car paints whenever used for a long time. It’ll be best if water from the car escapes out; this isn’t the case when you use these types of covers.

You’ll find different cover types with different working performance on your car. Observe the table below:

Car coverFunction
PolypropyleneProtects cars against outdoors and indoor elements
Imitation satinProtects the clear paint from scratches caused by car covers (operates indoor)
Spunbond composite  Moisture resistant and breathable
Plastic covers  Protects car from rain
Woven polyester  Protects car from rain
Ultra soft fleecePrevents car paint from scratches caused by outside materials  

How to Prevent Paintwork Damage From Car Covers

Use It Sparingly

Anything can happen whenever you remove car covers every morning while returning them in the evening—the chances of scratching car paint increase more than not uncovering your car for an extended time.

Clean the Car and Its Cover Regularly.

Cleaning your car and its cover regularly helps remove any stuck debris on the car paint. Debris on the car surface increases friction when covering and uncovering your car. It doesn’t add up to cleaning your car cover and using it to cover a dirty car. Wash and clean your car and allow for drying up before covering it.

Make Sure You Use a Fitting Cover.

Different car covers fit differently on your car. You should look for a cover with soft material that can best suit your car. An oversized cover leaves space and makes your car look ugly.

Best Methods in Paint Stain Remove

Automotive-Grade Clay

First, use a quality spray lubricant. Next, you’ll have to wash and clean your car, and lastly, slide the bar-clay uniformly and slowly over the car surface. This process helps eliminate any stains while adding a new vibrant look to your car paint.

White Vinegar Spray

Many love white vinegar because it removes strong stains on the car paint without destroying anything. Preparing white vinegar is among the best trouble-free solutions in removing car paints for all types of automotive. 

Basic Car Wash

Consider taking your car for a basic wash before you venture into more complex cleaning activities. Bucket wash is well enough to clean a reasonable number of paint stains. In addition, a basic car wash will help you identify stains and choose the best stain removal method for your car.

Advantages of Car Covers

They Can Keep a Car Clean in Between Washes

Your car gets exposed to many debris from the weather or road throughout the year. The car cover will help maintain your vehicle clean, preventing particles from etching paintwork and stopping rust over time.

It Helps to Protect Cars From Minor Damages.

Whenever you use a cover, it ensures the safety of your car from torch-ups, dings, and the polishes needed for your car preservation.

Covers Can Help Deter Thieves.

The time taken to uncover can be too long; this can help put off thieves in a hurry to steal. In addition, car covers can help hide valuable things from passerby thieves.

Also, car covers can help in keeping away moisture and UV rays.

Disadvantages of Car Covers


Covers Can Trap Moisture Next to the Paintwork

While they help prevent moisture, waterproof covers trap moisture next to the car paint and prevent it from escaping out. Therefore, causing rust and damaging your car’s paintwork.

Covers Can Scratch Car Paint.

Especially during windy conditions, the cover can rub against the paintwork, causing scratches. However, covers can trap rock debris and soil particles. These particles can rub the car paint, trims, or glass whenever you uncover and cover your car. It can cause more scratches and damage.

It’s Easy to Buy the Wrong Type or Size of Car Cover

The effectiveness of car covers only applies to the correct size and type. Using an indoor cover design for an outside parked vehicle will never protect your vehicle from the outside destructions. Wind may make the cover rub against the paintwork for too big-sized covers, causing scratches.


Car covers play an essential role in keeping your car safe and away from any destruction agent. They serve best mainly for an extended time of storage.

However, car covers destroy car paintwork but only depend on the cover you use and the outside conditions. Strong winds cause large size covers to rub against the paintwork, causing scratches on its surface. But the most common cause of car paint damage is using an incorrect fitting car cover.

Besides, frequent fitting and uncovering increase the chances of destruction to the paintwork. To remove any stuck debris or soil, you should wash your car. A basic car wash can help in the process. Under proper use, good quality car covers serve best and protect your vehicle against unlimited destruction. It is best to follow the correct steps when putting on car covers.

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