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Does a Car Have Two Reverse Lights?


Reverse lights are essential for a car when driving around, especially at night. Reverse lights make sure the driver of a car, pedestrians, and other drivers around stay out of danger. This takes you to the question, does a car have two reverse lights?

It is a big yes, a car has two reverse lights, but there are exceptions to this. It is necessary to know that some cars have only one reverse light. To know more about this, go through this article and find out.

What is a Reverse Light?

A car reverse light is a white light on the rear of a car that shines when your car is in reverse gear. It indicates whenever your car is moving backward. Another name we can call these reverse lights is the backup lights.

Car Reverse Light

Besides, it is important to know that these backup lights help to indicate to people (pedestrians) and other vehicles that your car is going in reverse. Again, when reversing in the dark (night), it illuminates the back road and the car’s surroundings.

In addition, these lights shine automatically as soon as you engage the reverse gear. They have a white differentiating color from other lights at the back of your car, such as the brake light with a red color.

What is the Importance of a Reverse Light?

Reverse lights are way more important lights than you think. The first important thing you should do about reverse lights is that they serve as a warning to other vehicles and pedestrians that your car is going in reverse. The reverse lights also illuminate or shine at the back of your car when you are reversing, especially at night. Therefore, helping you to see where you are going at night.

In addition, reverse lights prevent accidents from occurring. Imagine you reversing without the reverse lights, and it happens that a driver is coming behind you. Reverse lights are a huge safety indicator for you and the people around you.

Again, it is important to know that reverse lights have a white color and shine brightest. Drivers and pedestrians can easily know that you are in reverse.

Are Reverse Lights Different from Other Lights on the Car Rear?

The answer to this question is a loud yes. The reverse lights vary in many aspects, such as the color, function, and number of the brake and fog lights. You can find these three lights on your car’s rear or tail part. Let us take a look at these differences.


  • The Reverse lights are white.
  • The brake and fog lights are all red.


  • Reverse lights indicate that your vehicle is moving backward.
  • Brake lights indicate that your car is slowing down.
  • Fog light indicates the position of your vehicle when driving in foggy, snowy, or other visibility limiting conditions.

The Number of Lights:

  • With the reverse lights, some vehicles have two while others have one.
  • There are two brake lights. In all cases, there must be two brake lights.
  • Your car should have one fog light. You can find it in the middle part of your back car. Or at one tail end of your car.

How Many Reverse Lights Does a Car have?

The question of how many reverse lights a car should have is an issue that depends on where you live on the planet earth. In some countries, local authorities usually require you to install a rear fog light and at least one reverse light. If you have one reverse light, the offside has one fog light.

More so, where you have two reverse lights, you have one fog light in the middle of your bumper.

You should note that the fog light is always one because it has the same color as the brake light. Installing only one fog light ensures no confusion with the brake lights. The brake lights indicate that a car is slowing down, and the fog light indicates the position of your car in poor weather conditions like snow and fog.

How to Test your Reverse Lights?

It is always important to check your reverse lights before driving out. There are several ways to check or test your reverse lights.

The first way to check your reverse lights is to get a friend to stand far behind your car while you engage in reverse. They will then confirm if your reverse lights are working or not.

Another thing is, what if you don’t have a friend to verify your reverse lights? So what are you going to do then? This is another way to check your reverse lights, turn off your engine and switch your car to the ignition “on” position.

When your car is in the ignition “on” position, engage your car in reverse gear with your car on the parking brake. One very important thing is making sure your parking brake is on. Once this is done, get out of your car and check out the reverse lights to confirm if the bulbs are working properly or not.

If the reverse lights are not working properly, it is important to see a specialist for proper maintenance and repairs. Treat it as an urgent matter because reverse lights are a safety feature on your car.

Does a Reverse Light have a Switch Button?

A reverse light or light does not have a switch button. This light only shines or illuminates when you engage in reverse. Reverse lights are linked directly to the reverse gear, which is automatic. You can’t switch these lights manually, like other lights on your car.

Maintenance of Your Car Regularly

It is necessary to maintain your car regularly, especially when your car tail lights. Maintaining your car will keep your car in good working condition. Your reverse lights will be working properly, so keep you and other people safe since reverse lights are a safety feature.


From the above discussions, you can conclude that cars have two reverse lights, but some equally have only one reverse light. From every indication, a car should have at least one reverse light to warn other cars coming from behind and people around that the car is moving in reverse.

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