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Does Subaru Have Heated Steering Wheels?


People worldwide have been driving their cars with simple steering wheels for decades now. There was nothing like heated steering wheels back then.

Nowadays, buying a car with a heated steering wheel is possible. Equally, solving the cold problem is easy when you have a car without the heated steering wheels.

You can buy the aftermarket models and install them when you choose to have them.

The question that demands an answer now is, does Subaru have heated steering wheels?

The answer is yes; Subaru has heated steering wheels. Subaru equally offers a full package of heated seats and heated steering wheels.

This article will tell you more about heated steering wheels.

What is Subaru?

In Japan, Subaru is a word that means unite. It is the coming together of several other automakers to form Subaru.

Subaru car

The question now is who or what is Subaru? Subaru is a transportation manufacturing unit with two main businesses: automobiles and aircraft. See the history of Subaru.

In addition, it is clear now that Subaru is a car manufacturer. So here are the best things you should know about Subaru cars;

1- They offer the best all-wheel drive cars across the board.

2- They offer Safety superiority coupled with eyesight technology.

3- They offer a full package of heated seats and a heated steering wheel equally.

4- Their cars are reliable. You can drive Subaru cars for years with changes in their quality.

What are heated steering wheels?

Heated steering wheels are steering wheels with in-built heat elements providing heat to your car steering wheel rim.

Heated steering wheels are just like any other steering wheel. The only difference here is; that these wheels have an additional heating element inside the steering rims to keep your hands warm.

These heated steering wheels have on and off control buttons to adjust the temperature according to your convenience.

Heated steering wheels are made especially for extremely cold weather. When you enter your car and want to drive, the steering wheel may be very cold, so you cannot grip and control your car very well. But with heated steering wheels, all this inconvenience is eliminated.

Types of Heated Steering Wheels

A few types are coming into play with the technology of heated steering wheels. They are:

The Leather Heated Steering Wheel

The fabrication of this type of heated steering wheel uses leather materials. This leather wheel uses a 12-volt plug and comes in a black leather design. Its heating temperature can go between 30-60 degrees. This type is only for the 14.5-inch steering wheel.

The Zone Tech Heated the Steering Wheel

This heated steering wheel is another leather option designed for a 15-inch steering wheel. This one has additional features such as protecting your car’s leather wheel and, at the same time, heating it.

The Cloth Heated Steering Wheel

It is a cloth steering wheel that offers a soft touch. It isn’t that cold to touch even when the switch button is off. 

Benefits of Heated Steering Wheels

Heated steering wheels are now replacing the old normal conventional plastic steering wheels. We can see the replacement of the normal plastic steering wheels with the heated steering wheels because the heating element is addedto warm up the steering wheel. So eventually, it gives some warmth to the driver.

Furthermore, the heated steering wheels have a lot of benefits for the driver. The benefits of these heated steering wheels are especially on cold winter mornings when you feel cold on your fingers.

Some of the benefits of a heated steering wheel are as follows:

  • It gives you a warm comfort on cold days, cold mornings, and cold weather. The warm comfort you get from heated steering wheels is one of the best-known benefits of these heated steering wheels. When you enter your car with frost fingers, it warms them up quickly.
  • Heated steering wheels increase your steering grip. The heat from this wheel warms up your fingers, gives you comfort, and improves your grip. Gripping your steering with comfort allows you to control your wheel, especially on snowy and even bumpy roads.
  • Using this heated steering wheel protects your wheel from wear and tear—especially the leader design type.
  • On cold winter mornings, the heated wheels reduce the heat-up time. Having these heated wheels reduces the time you wait for the steering wheel to warm up your hands before driving off.

How Can You Get a Subaru Heated Steering Wheel?

Heated steering wheels are like magic to a car owner. It gives a nice look and a soft touch to your car. These heated steering wheels come with Subaru cars such as the SUV, Outback, foresters, etc.

Buy any Subaru cars with this magic feature to get these heated steering wheels. You can buy the aftermarket model and install it if your car is without it.

Subaru XV 2018 Interior

How Do Heated Steering Wheels Work?

The heated steering wheel has a control on and off button. The work of this button is to control the temperature for your convenience.

The function of these steering wheels depends on the engine. When the engine is running, your heated steering wheels start functioning as soon as you turn on the button.

You should note that the heated wheels system has a sensor to control its temperature and prevent overheating.

Are Heated Steering Wheels Expensive?

Heated steering wheels were expensive earlier when the technology came to lamp light.

They used to be a luxury only to those who could afford cars with this comfort. This is because the heated wheels were coming in cars and already installed.

Today, they are no more expensive and are affordable for any person who needs comfort. Driving an old car without the heated steering wheel gets your fingers freezing. The problem of freezing fingers is very easy to solve since manufacturers now offer aftermarket models that you can buy and install.

Getting a heated steering wheel directly from the factory having specifications as the low-cost option may not be expensive. You can get it for less than $12. Besides, you can still choose to get the aftermarket heated steering wheels that can cost you hundreds of dollars.


Heated steering wheels are one of the comforts you enjoy during freezing temperatures. Therefore, we can conclude that Subaru has heated steering wheels that come in some cars already installed.

On the other hand, some are the aftermarket models which you can buy and install on your old car. You were buying a car with a heated steering wheel, and with you buying the aftermarket model, one thing is sure. Both of you enjoy the same comfort in freezing temperatures when driving.

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