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Does Kerosene Hurt Car Paint?


Kerosene is a petroleum or crude oil derivative. Its main use is fuel in aviation and households for cooking, heating, and lighting.

More so, mechanics are using kerosene as a cleaning agent, to wash oily parts of a car engine. The question you may be asking is, does kerosene hurt car paint?

Yes, kerosene hurts car paint because it is crude oil derivative. Therefore, when you use it on your car, even though it removes all contaminants such as stains and tar, and gives your car an oily shine on the car paint.

As time passes, kerosene will strip clear coat, remove wax and get to the car paint and hurt it.

This oily shine on your car is just for a very short time, because as you continue using it and with time, the effects become visible.

These effects become noticeable sooner or later depending on how frequently you use kerosene on your car paint. It may take a year or more to notice the effects.

In addition, using kerosene on your car paint and immediately passing through an area with fire, it will lead to a fire accident because it is flammable.

Thinking or taking advice from someone to use kerosene on your car paint will hurt your car paint. Avoid using it by all means possible.

Is kerosene good for washing your car?

Washing your car with kerosene is not a good idea. Even so, kerosene is a good cleaning agent, which, when used, removes all contaminants on your car paint and gives it a beautiful shine.


Liquid-like kerosene is very harsh on car paint. Even when diluted with water, the effects may not be visible on your car paint at the moment.

But when using it constantly and as time is passing, your car paint will hurt and fade out.

As time passes, kerosene weakens the wax, strips the clear coat, and hurts your car paint.

They are other cheap and good detergents that you can use in washing your car. 

What effects does kerosene have on car paint?

Using kerosene on your car paint damages it. The effects kerosene can cause your car paint are that it removes wax and strips the clear coat.

As you constantly use kerosene on your car paint, it weakens the wax and leaves the car paint unprotected, and equally, the paint fades with time.

In addition, it can lead to fire accidents. After washing your car with kerosene to give it an oily shine, you immediately drive the car and pass beside a fire. Since kerosene is flammable, it will attract fire and eventually lead to a fire accident and may burn down your car.

Even though kerosene is the faster and easiest way to remove contaminants from your car paint, it gives it a great and beautiful shine or looks. The after-effects or damages of using or pouring kerosene on your car paint are enormous, so you should avoid using kerosene on your car paint.

Even when you pour it by mistake, you should wash it immediately.

Is car paint different from house paint?

Paint enhances the look of many products, including your house (both interior and exterior parts) and your car. However, different types of paint require different surfaces.


It is important knowing that house and car paint have different compositions and for you it is not good using them interchangeably.

House paint is only good using it on dry walls and wood because it is thick and creamy. More so, when painting a house, it is easier to cover large areas without applying more than two coats.

On the other hand, car paint is much thinner and is best using on metals. to adhere to metal and handle extreme conditions, such as wind, rain, snow, hail, dirt, and road salt.

Is kerosene mixable with paint?

Kerosene is good for mixing with oil-based paint and not water-based paint. Oil-based paint is mixable with kerosene before using, especially in areas with hot weather.

This is so because kerosene is a solvent taking a longer time to dry off. But how much kerosene is best adding to 15+ liters of paint? A teaspoon will do good.

Since kerosene takes more time to dry or evaporate, it will permit the painter to paint at higher temperatures. Adding more than a teaspoon will take a longer duration, even days, for the paint to dry off.

It is not advisable to add kerosene to water-based paint such as latex or acrylic paints. This is because kerosene could likely cause failure in the paint to adhere to the substrate.

If it is a must that you want to use kerosene in your paint, then it should be oil paint and not water paint. In addition, kerosene has a strong odor when mixed with paint.

What is kerosene good for?

Kerosene is a flammable liquid which is a crude oil derivative and it is good in lighting up kerosene lamps, cooking, and heating; and it also acts as fuel to power up jet engines.

Besides, it is also good as a cleaning agent, such as engines of cars, generators, and motorcycles. Kerosene is good for washing all these.

Again, kerosene is good in preventing rust on metallic objects and sometimes as insecticides.

Should kerosene be prevented from car paint?

Car paint and kerosene don’t go hand in hand with each other. Using kerosene to wash your car paint is not a good idea.

The first thing that happens when kerosene gets into contact with car paint is that it begins penetrating the clear coat.

If you mistakenly spill or pour it on your car paint, reacting fast by washing or wiping it will prevent damage.

Then, when left to dry on the car paint, the kerosene will start penetrating the paint and cause more damage.

Hurt your car paint by removing wax and stripping the clear coat, and eventually, your car paint will fade away.


To conclude, kerosene and car paint don’t go with each other; they don’t go hand in hand. Therefore, when using these two together, in the beginning, the effects are not visible.

Subsequently, the effects are seen gradually with time, especially when it touches car paint frequently.

Even when using kerosene for the first few times on car paint, it gives your car paint a beautiful shine, but the effects will be seen after a year or more.

Kerosene and car paint should be kept as good enemies. as long as you want to keep enjoying your car paint and if you don’t want your car paint to be hurt and fade away.

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