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Can You Drive a Car Without a Rear View Mirror?


You are rushing to make it to a meeting on time, so you get in your vehicle and start going. A clunk may be heard when you demolish a residential building in the middle of the night. To your surprise, the mirror in your passenger-side mirror is gone.

Because of your recklessness, it was destroyed by a parked automobile. Suddenly a question comes to your mind, “Can you drive a car without a rear view mirror?

The answer is yes. Though it is not safe to drive without a rear view mirror in a real world scenario. For emergency situations, you can continue to drive. It is always better to try to fix the rear view mirror as soon as possible. 

In this article, you will know the importance of rear view mirror in your day to day driving and also what you should do in case of missing rear view mirror.  

Why you always should use a rear view mirror?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or unlawful to have a back-up camera in your automobile. You can see how far behind you the automobile in front of you is travelling. When making a lane change, it comes in handy.


To be on the cautious side, police might stop you for driving without a rear view mirror even if it is not against the law. According to the type and model of the automobile, a replacement mirror might be anywhere from $55 to $1,000.

The side-view mirror for the passenger is essential. To get the most out of your side-view mirror, you must use it in conjunction with a standard rear view mirror. If you leave or join the highway without using a rear view mirror, you might be in danger of causing a collision.

No matter how expensive your vehicle is, you can always acquire a temporary replacement rear view mirror to put in your vehicle until you can afford one that matches your car’s interior perfectly.

Is it illegal to drive without a rear view mirror?

You can drive more securely if you can see what’s behind and alongside your vehicle. Your visibility on the road may be greatly enhanced by the presence of a single side mirror and rear view mirror. If your side mirror is cracked or missing, can you still drive?

A rear view mirror and at least two sideview mirrors are standard on most automobiles. Technically, side mirrors are susceptible to unintentional damage. For one thing, they’re in an awkward position, protruding from the car’s body.

Accidents might cause one mirror to hang loosely from the vehicle door or even break off. The effect is that you can’t use your side mirrors properly for normal driving.

The regulations governing rear view mirrors in automobiles differ from one state to the next. A minimum of two rear view mirrors is required in most jurisdictions for drivers to see what’s behind them.

The law in your state may allow you to drive your automobile if two of the three mirrors are still in good working order. It is not against the law to drive with it, but if your side mirrors are damaged or missing, an officer may stop you.

Is it safe to drive without a rear view mirror?

A left-side mirror and right-side mirror are two examples. However, a rear view or centre mirror has been broken or overlooked by mistake. So, if you don’t maintain or replace your automobile, can you still drive it without getting in trouble with the law?

If you reside in a state where this issue is relevant, the answer is different. In certain places, it is legal to drive without a rear view mirror. If you’re driving in the states of Maryland, Louisiana, or Kansas, you must have a left-side and a right-side mirror.

These states allow drivers to operate their vehicles without a rear view mirror as long as the vehicle has a working left-side mirror.

Always drive with a rear view mirror

You shouldn’t take something for granted simply because it is permitted. It’s important to keep in mind that car accidents may be quite deadly, so you should always prioritize your personal safety.


Driving safely requires being able to see both behind and to either side of you. Navigating is easier since you have a better sense of where you’re heading. Rear view mirrors and side mirrors are designed for just this purpose.

If we don’t have eyes or if they’re injured, we put ourselves and others around us at danger of losing their sight. A high-quality glue works best for repairing a shattered rear view mirror. How much of a sacrifice are you making? No, at least as far as we can tell.

Everything from the mirrors to the seatbelts become more important when nothing goes wrong. But why wait for anything bad to happen before you leave? To begin with, why not be careful and ensure that our car is both gorgeous and safe? Think about that for a second!

Having an accident while driving without a rear view mirror may result in the cancellation of your insurance coverage. The consequences of driving a non-compliant automobile include a possible loss of insurance coverage. Check to see if there are any stipulations in your agreement.


The mirrors on your automobile are there for a reason. These mirrors and windshield wipers are important to prevent traffic accidents. Depending on the state, side mirrors may or may not be necessary for safe driving. To avoid detention by the authorities, make sure you are well-versed in the laws of your state.

Most states now require all vehicles to have either a center mirror or a right-side mirror. It’s important to check your state’s injury laws, even if your side mirror is broken or missing, to determine whether you’re entitled to compensation. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns before you head off.

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