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Are NASCAR Cars Stick Shift or Automatic?


Stick shift” refers to vehicles with a manual or conventional gearbox. The driver uses a stick shift to swap gears manually while accelerating and slowing the car. There is also an automatic transmission for vehicles. 

But are NASCAR cars stick shift or automatic? Here is a short answer:

Basically, NASCAR vehicles use a 4-speed manual transmission. The NASCAR has paddle shifters. They rarely utilize clutch pedals. Drivers in NASCAR can (and do) shift without clutching.

In February of 2022, the next generation of NASCAR drivers used a sequential 6-speed manual transmission (five forward and one backward) on the racetrack. For adjustments, the stick can move up and down.

It’s exhilarating to spend a day at a NASCAR racetrack. It is incredible to surround by so many individuals who share their interests and values.

Hammer & Coop will represent the details transmission capabilities of NASCAR cars in this blog.

What is NASCAR?

NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

What is the goal of the NASCAR? By the start of the twenty-first century, it had contributed to the widespread popularity of stock car racing in the United States.

Are NASCAR Cars Stick Shift or Automatic? – Details Analysis

You can ask, Is the transmission on NASCAR cars stick shift or automatic? Now we will provide you with the proper answer to this:


Manual transmissions are standard equipment on all of the NASCAR racing vehicles on the track. They make use of an Andrews A431 Mechanism. It is a four-speed manual transmission with reverse.

It’s impossible to ignore the transmission when driving a car. You can’t have an automobile without one.

A wide range of transmissions is available for automobiles. Manual gearboxes need the driver to take additional steps to get the vehicle to work accurately.

What is the location of a car’s transmission? The answer is the front of a vehicle’s chassis.

A gearbox allows the gear ratio between the engine and the driving wheels to change when the automobile speeds up and slows down.

An automatic gearbox removes the engine’s connection to the drive wheels.

It allows the engine to operate more slowly to reduce wear while running at a steady pace is another benefit of transmissions.

Manual Transmissions- Explained

Manual transmission employs a clutch and a shifter to change gears. 

The driver selects the gear in a manual gearbox and releases the clutch. The flywheelpressure plate, and grip are responsible for disengaging the transmission.


The engine’s flywheel and pressure plate are connected to it. Furthermore, the clutch is splined to the transmission input &  stick between them.

To shift, you must first engage the clutch. Dual-clutch transmission fluid is a crying need to extend the life of dual-clutch transmissions.

Here are some examples of manual transmissions:

Nascars of the Past — Manual or Automatic?

It was Red Byron in a Ford Deluxe who won the inaugural NASCAR race in 1948. The Ford’s transmission was a three-speed manual. 

In the following table, you’ll find historical data about NASCAR vehicles and the gearboxes that power them. The four-speed transmission has been around for more than half a century!

The NASCAR has had a long history of using manual transmission.

Table: NASCAR’s Historical Data

YearDriverCarType of Transmission
1948Red ByronFord3 Speed manual
1950Bill RexfordOldsmobile3 Speed manual
1951Herb ThomasHudson Hornet3 Speed manual
1955Tim FlockChrysler 3003 Speed manual
1957Buck BakerChevy Black Widow4-speed manual
1982Darrel WaltripBuick4-speed manual
2007Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet4-speed manual


Information about the Andrews A431- 4 Speed NASCAR transmission

Many of NASCAR’s best teams have benefited from the reliability of the Andrews A431- 4-speed transmission.


Andrews A431- 4-speed manual gearboxes are built to rigorous NASCAR specifications to ensure that the playing field is as even as possible.

Using high-quality components, these transmissions are built to function.

The following are a few of the transmission’s features:

  • The 2021 Chevy Camaro comes with this gearbox. It can use by chevy and other teams for many years.
  • A short-throw shifter makes shifting gears a cakewalk.
  • Internally, it has a 4-speed H-pattern arrangement. In addition, there is a reverse setting on the transmission.
  • CNC machines are there to cut the gears. It is ensuring maximum performance.
  • It can handle high torque and more horsepower because of its multi-radio capability.
  • An external oil cooler keeps everything cool.

The Andrews A431 transmission is not the only standard transmission in NASCAR vehicles. Another popular option is the Jerico performance 4-speed gearbox.

How Do NASCAR Drivers Switch Gears?

An H-pattern gearbox is used in NASCAR gearboxes. This configuration necessitates that the driver shoves the stick into a specific gear using their right hand.

When shifting gears, NASCAR gearboxes do not need the driver to squeeze the clutch pedal. Unlike the transmissions on standard manual automobiles.

NASCAR vehicles have clutch pedals. Again it is shifting gears most often. However, the drivers adjust the car’s speed to its RPM (revolutions per minute) to swap gears.

The driver must have an excellent feel of when to move loads when shifting gears. However, it is known as rev-matching.

This isn’t easy since NASCAR vehicles don’t have RPM gauges. Incorrect shifting or changing into the wrong gear can lead to transmission damage.

How Does NASCAR Transmission Work?

In contrast to the helix-shaped gears seen in most automobiles, the teeth on NASCAR gearboxes all face outwards.

Straight-cut gears are necessary for racing automobiles because they do not induce axial loads and boost torque. Moreover, it improves the car’s performance.

Because straight-cut gears reduce axial stress, drivers may easily swap gears without using the clutch pedal.

For extra fairness, NASCAR restricts the development of transmissions. The regulating authority has the last say on any changes.


Manual transmissions have been used in NASCAR vehicles since the 1950s.

This is the first time in NASCAR’s history that a NASCAR vehicle will be racing with a 4-speed manual transmission.

A  new 5-speed sequential manual transmission will be used on the course this year.


Are NASCAR race vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions?

No! They are using manual transmission.

Is there a clutch on the NASCAR cars?

A 4-speed manual transmission system drives the NASCAR vehicles. They have clutch pedals (there are no paddle shifters in NASCAR), but they seldom utilize them.

Does NASCAR utilize power steering?

NASCAR teams use power steering on a specific occasion. Cause these automobiles are heavier and more challenging to handle. And using a power steering is the safer alternative under these circumstances.

What kind of engine is used in a NASCAR racecar?

V8 engines power the majority of NASCAR vehicles.

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