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Are Tesla Cars EMP Proof?


Natural occurring events are not encouraging at times. Results encountered can be disastrous to both machines and human life. EMP serves as the best example of having the ability to destroy any electrical system and electrical devices. However, some cars offer protection from the EMP effect. Do you want to know these car types? Are Tesla cars EMP proof?

According to a test conducted between 1987 and 2002, only 3 out of 50 cars shut down after exposure to electromagnetic pulse. At the same time, the other vehicles safely rolled until they stopped. Results from the test showed that old cars, mainly diesel cars, can survive best under EMP attack. During an EMP event, cars can experience cuts and cause accidents on roads—something you don’t wish for.

Do you need to protect your car from an EMP attack? Well, this article is here to help.

3 Best Ways to Protect Cars From an EMP Attack

Protecting your car bumpers from rocks and curbs is an excellent idea; it is also good to protect cars from an EMP attack. A great concern should be EMP generated by a man from nuclear activities and electromagnetic bombs. Nuclear activities produce EMP attacks higher than the natural electromagnetic pulse.

If you need an extra step to protect the electrical components of your vehicle, follow the steps below:

Solder Surge Tube Across All Vulnerable Electric Components

An electromagnetic pulse cannot affect all the car parts, especially components housed inside the chassis. Although the turn signals, headlights, and radio can malfunction from an EMP attack when driving, whenever your car is not running, the biggest attack is usually to the heating element of the radio through the antenna and rear window defroster.

Of course, it might not be the case for hybrid and electric cars. Tesla may not be a good option for these maintenance problems for EMP attack events. The reason is that electric vehicles have not undergone the test. It’s not sure whether the EMP attack will destroy the normal electrical components of the car or there won’t be an effect at all.

There are only a few more vulnerable places in your car for those with no hybrid or electric vehicle. These places can curb the vulnerable components by installing gas surge arrester tubes.

You can protect the rare deforested heating element by soldering a small surge tube across it. It helps divert away into a ground line extra current from the heating element. Although the process is complex, you can do the same to your radio antenna by using the same relay and gas tube surge arrester.

Make a Faraday Shield Garage for Your Vehicle.

The best option in protecting your car against the EMP attack is to build a faraday garage for the car. This garage will help store your vehicle safely and keep your other electrical elements away from an EMP attack. Also, the faraday shield is a continuous enclosure made from conductive materials, while faraday cages come from mesh materials.

Although there exist several ways of making a faraday shield garage, the best and easiest way is through the use of a tin roof and aluminum siding. Covering the inside with aluminum insulation serves best. This way, not only protect your car’s electrical components through the chassis acting as a faraday cage but also the faraday shields of the garage.

Install an EMP Shield        

Although making a faraday shield garage is a good idea to protect your vehicle, it will cost you money, effort, and time. If you need car protection against EMP attack without a hassle, consider installing your car with an EMP shield.

This installation is followed by an insurance policy whenever it fails to protect your car from an EMP attack. The EMP shield helps in diverting excessive energy caused by an EMP attack and directs the power away from your vehicle’s electrical system.

This EMP shielding helps protect vehicles against solar flare of about 228,000 amps and surges from lightning. Before its approval, the EMP shield had undergone several military tests to ensure its reliability in offering protection against any EMP attack.

Whenever you cannot install this EMP shielding device, look for professionals to do the installation process.

The EMP Mode Tesla’s Next Move

With all things considered, microchips and computer protection technology do not exist, so there should be no reason they should fully utilize them in the future electric cars.

During Tesla’s bioweapon mode launching, the company was selling an air filter effect, which is everyone’s real-life concern. However, Tesla’s next move is on the EMP generator.

The EMP generators should be treated with concern because their effects can cause nuclear destruction.

However, the EMP technology helps a lot in the metal industries. Let us consider some of the advantages and disadvantages EMP has brought.

Advantages  Disadvantages
Helps in joining distorted sensitive aluminum metalsRequires alloy of fusion energy
High strength crimping and welding  Under pure maintenance can be disastrous
Helps in multi-material joining and welding   

Modern Vehicle’s Resiliency

These vehicles can survive harsh conditions like the extreme EMP attack through their designs. Most modern cars have fail-safe systems in case of any mechanical or electrical failure. However, these cars may run without any problem even after an extreme electrical disruption.

The eldest vehicle lacks computer system integration and complex electrical network like the modern cars. While this is true, many people worry about modern car technology with complex electrical systems. However, it should not be the case. Modern cars can withstand electrical disturbance, unlike in the past.


An EMP attack can cause damage to your car’s electrical system. The EMP attack usually happens during a lightning strike and solar flare. However, there exist a few steps to ensure the safety of your vehicle in case of an EMP attack. You can protect vulnerable parts of your car since your car’s chassis can act as a faraday cage.

The best way is by soldering across the vulnerable components of a small surge gas tube. The soldering process will help direct electric current away from the individual components. If this doesn’t satisfy you, you can decide to build a faraday cage. The cage will not only protect your cars from EMP attack, but also you can store other electrical components of your choice.

Old cars tend to survive EMP attacks more than modern vehicles when it comes to vehicle types. You’ll find a more complex electrical network in modern cars than in older cars.

The faraday cage is an enclosure built under a conductive material that helps block any electrical fields; this helps provide adequate shielding to your car and any other electrical appliance.

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