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Are Heated Steering Wheel Covers Safe?


Do you live in a cold town where the touch of metal is enough to send chills down your spine? This is an issue for drivers touching their metal car door handle, steering wheel, etc. They may wonder: Are heated steering wheel covers safe?

The short answer is Yes. They are absolutely safe. However, one must ensure that he finds a cover of the right quality and the right size.

Various types of heated steering wheel covers are there and scroll down to discover how to choose the appropriate one for you.

What are Heated Steering Wheel Covers?

Heated steering wheel covers are essentially what their name suggests. They are additional covers that can be attached to the steering wheel. They have a warm temperature. An external module attached to the cover supplies heat.

During winter, people in cold cities find the heated steering wheel covers to be lifesavers. There is no worse feeling than touching a cold wheel on a cold Monday morning.

The heated steering wheel covers also provide a better grip for the driver. In addition, it is better than not using a cover in terms of both texture and temperature.

Most heated steering wheel covers are affordable, within $20. For example, check out the SEG Direct Heating Steering Wheel Cover on Amazon.

Different Types of Heated Steering Wheel Covers

Heated steering wheel covers can be made of 2 different materials: leather or cloth. Both have their own specialties and are meant for different users.

Leather Heated Steering Wheel Cover

These are the more common kind of steering wheel covers. Leather steering wheel covers are more durable and provide a better grip for the driver as well. They are not slippery. Moreover, most leather covers also protect the wheel from scratches, scraping, etc.

Leather covers are more on the expensive side. Covers made out of pure leather can go up to as high as 100$.

However, high-quality leather can upgrade your car to a whole new level in terms of aesthetics. They give a rich, sleek look at a comparatively low price.

Check out the Zone Tech Heated Cover on Amazon.

Cloth Heated Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel covers can also be made out of cloth. These are softer than leather covers and never get cold even if the car is off.

Moreover, cloth covers offer more warmth. They provide natural heat during cold mornings. Although cloth covers are less durable than leather, they still provide high protection to the wheel for a shorter period of time.

Cloth covers are suitable if you live in a neutral city that only gets cold during the winter. Cloth covers are generally within $15. Check out the ValleyComfy Steering Wheel Cover on Amazon.

Risks of Using a Steering Wheel Cover

Automobile manufacturers do not recommend additional steering wheel covers besides factory-made ones. Instead, they state that it is better to purchase covers from the same car dealer. This is because many steering wheel covers are not tested for safety.

Steering Wheel Cover

One must carefully decide the size of the steering wheel cover. It must be a perfect fit for the wheel.

The cover must not be too big to disrupt maneuvering. At the same time, it should not be too tight that it interferes with the wheel’s flexibility. Both these scenarios can be dangerous. If the steering wheel does not turn properly, accidents can happen.

One must fasten the cover properly. Slippery covers can cause accidents. Moreover, one must test the cover with wet or sweaty hands before putting it to conventional use.

One must also ensure that the cover does not touch the center of the wheel. This is where the airbag is located. Any interference with this spot can be fatal during accidents.

Heated Steering Wheel vs Heated Steering Wheel Cover

Pre-attached heated steering wheels are a competing alternative to heated steering wheel covers. Manufacturers often fit these instead of normal plastic steering wheels, especially in cold cities.

Some advanced heated steering wheels also have certain control buttons to monitor the temperature of the wheel.

If you could not get a heated wheel while buying the car, you can always go to the manufacturer and put up a request. It is quite an expensive replacement, but one that will be worth it on cold winter mornings.

A Comparison with Heated Steering Wheel Covers

Let us do a head to head comparison of heated steering wheels and heated steering wheel covers, as they solve the same purpose.

Heated Steering WheelHeated Steering Wheel Covers
The manufacturer attaches it while building the car, with the heating equipmentsOne has to buy heated steering wheel covers separately. You can buy it either from the manufacturer himself or from other brands online.
Heated wheels are quite expensive. High end cars can charge as much as $1,000 extra for the wheel heating.Heated covers cost anywhere between $10 – $100. They are cheaper.
Heated wheels are long lasting. One need not replace them.Repeated touch can cause gradual damage to heated covers. One has to replace the covers at least once a year.
Heated wheels have the same level of grip as a normal wheel.Heated covers provide better grip to the driver. Neither leather nor cloth wheels are slippery.
There are no additional risks.If the wheel cover is not of perfect size, it can cause unfortunate accidents.

While the two objects solve the same purpose of heating the car, people must consider the aforesaid points.

If you are looking for continuous heating throughout the year and money is of no concern, you should specify a heated wheel while buying your car.

If you just want to beat the ice during winter, heated steering wheel covers are the better, economical option.


If you live in a pretty cold town and winter is coming, you should opt for a heated steering wheel cover. The answer to the question “Are heated steering wheel covers safe?” is a yes.

Ensure that the cover suits the wheel’s measurements. In addition, the cover must be of the perfect size in order for it to be safe.

After fitting the wheel cover, you are ready to have a great day as you step into the car for work. Your cold hands will embrace warmth as you drive along.

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