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Can Car Seat Covers Go in the Dryer?


Every day is a run, either going shopping or working. Either way, you may find yourself in an inescapable situation; having your car seat cover washed and missing out options for quick drying. What will you do? Can car seat covers go in the dryer?

You can take your car seat cover to a dryer. Although using a dryer saves time, you should consider its side effects. The car seat cover size at times shrinks after using the dryer. Therefore, you should look at the manual guide or call the car seat cover manufacturer for advice concerning drying. They’ll be pleased to serve you.

However, this article is also here to help; every question concerning the seat cover cleaning process is highlighted in detail. Read through and increase your knowledge.

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Which Are the Types of Seat Covers?

Car coverFunction
PolypropyleneProtects cars against outdoors and indoor elements
Imitation satinProtects the clear paint from scratches caused by car covers (operates indoor)
Spunbond composite  Moisture resistant and breathable
Plastic covers  Protects car from rain
Woven polyester  Protects car from rain
Ultra soft fleecePrevents car paint from scratches caused by outside materials  

Why Is Putting a Car Seat Cover in the Dryer Wrong?

You’ll probably use a dryer to dry your car seat cover when hurrying. Although the drying process will be quick, there are more chances that your car seat cover might get spoilt.

Read the reasons below:

Your Seat Cover Might Shrink

The heating effect of the dryer makes your car seat cover shrink. It will be too difficult when wearing the seat cover because it turns to a smaller size. Again, depending on the material used to make the seat cover, a dryer can damage it, causing it not to fit well on the seat.

It’s Against Instruction.

Every car seat cover has instructions on how to wash it. Most manufacturers do not recommend using a dryer for their car seat covers. So whenever you decide to use the dryer, it reduces its lifespan and is against the instructions. However, before putting the cover in a dryer, check on the instructions first.

Difficult to Fix Back

Whenever you decide to use a dryer, you’ll probably experience challenges fixing back the seat cover on the car seat. Most likely caused by edges shrinking, which causes challenges in properly fixing the seat cover on the car seat.

Additional Expenses

Do you frequently use a dryer for your seat cover? Then probably you have been spending more money buying new ones. After prolonged dryer use, you find your seat cover not fitting properly on the car seat.

What Should You Do to Avoid the Use of a Dryer?

You might only find the dryer as the only solution for a quick dry of your seat cover. However, you can avoid such situations. Find the possible methods for dryer usage below:

Wash When You Have Time

You’ll have more chances of using a dryer whenever you wash your car seat cover while in a hurry. To avoid such a situation, wash the car seat cover whenever you have ample time for drying. The best method recommended for car seat covers is air drying.

Don’t Wash Seat Covers During the Wet Season.

Before you decide on seat cover wash, check the day’s weather conditions. Are there chances your car seat cover will air dry? If not, that shouldn’t be the best day to wash your car seat. If possible, avoid washing the car seat under such conditions.

 Have Other Alternatives

If your car carries many passengers in a day, you’ll find more chances of your seat getting dirty and needing to get washed. How can you avoid such situations? The best way of avoiding this situation is to buy alternative seat covers; this will give you time to wash and dry your seat and prevent the usage of a dryer for quick drying up. The other should be out for air-drying whenever you wash one of the seat covers.

Seat Cover Maintenance Tips

There should be reasons for having a seat cover. However, keeping it neat and attractive needs regular maintenance. Get some maintenance tips for your car seat cover below:

Fixed Properly

Proper fixing of the car seat helps keep the edges attractive and neat; this allows for properly fixing the seat without any damage.

Regular Cleaning

Car seats enhance your car’s beauty as well as your seat cover. However, do not leave it unclean. Take frequent cleaning, and it’ll help increase your seat cover lifespan. You should wash your car seat cover at least once a month.

Do Not Machine Wash

Whenever you check on the manual guide, most manufacturers recommend you should not machine wash. The use of machines to wash your seat covers can cause damage.

Check on the Cleaning Materials.

Most cleaning agents, including Lysol and Windex, have bleaching properties. However, to prevent this, check on the washing material; if it has bleaching agents, it’ll not be best to use in washing your seat cover. The fabric on your seat cover might get bleached.

Avoid Liquid and Dirty Substances.

Whenever you bring liquid and food substances to your car, there will be more chances of your car seat cover getting wet and dirty. Do not eat in the car where possible. If you bring liquid substances to your vehicle, use the cane holder.

Follow Instructions

Check on its maintenance tips before doing anything else on your seat cover. You’ll get everything stated concerning the car seat cover.

Air Dry

The dryer spoils the seat cover; you should therefore use an air dryer at all times. It’ll help in increasing your dryer lifespan.

Effects of the Car Seat Cover

A car seat cover enhances the beauty of your car interior parts and helps in protecting the car seat.

At times you may encounter problems with the seat covers. Read below and learn more.


Buying seat covers, especially the quality ones, costs a lot of money. Also, another cause for you to spend depends on the material you want to buy. Sheepskin and leather covers cost a lot of money.


Car seats get dirty easily; this makes it an additional task for car seat cover maintenance, mostly when stuck with foam.

Less Attractive

Seat cover color selection is essential for interior beauty. Choosing the right color for your car can be hectic. The interior will be unattractive in the poor color selection of the car seat covers.


You can use a drier for a car seat cover. Although this process saves time, it has adverse effects on your seat cover. The car seat cover will shrink, causing it not to fit well on the car seat. The best method of drying the seat cover is through air drying. Air drying helps to increase seat cover lifespan.

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