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Can Eggs Damage Car Paint? (Interesting and Worth-Noting)


You wake up in the morning and see your car has been egged. Looks like the roof is the place of impact while the egg yolk and white have been dripping from the frame and sill of the driver’s door. However, the scene looks fresh, and you have to immediately clean it off. Why? Can eggs damage car paints?

This may sound unfortunate, but yes. Eggs damage car paints in the worst possible way. You might not be prepared for this, but if you see someone has dropped an egg on your car, your priority should be to clean that off. However, the good news is that the chemical reaction between the egg and car paint doesn’t instantly start. It gradually builds up and allows you to clean the mess in the first instance.

Therefore, if your car has also been egged or if you believe that your car is unsafely parked, keep reading till the end. You will get every information about how to clean eggs from your car before it starts to damage the paint.

Clean Eggs From Your Car’s Surface

You already know that eggs contain one of the most effective chemicals, i.e., Sulfuric Acid. When a car battery gets faulty due to chemical leakage, it gives off the smell of a rotten egg. Besides, you might get hit by a reminiscence when you find a broken egg on your car.


Now, sulfuric acid is present in both egg white and the yolk. So when the egg’s components make contact with your car’s paint, a chemical reaction begins. Moreover, the outermost layer of car paint is most likely to be affected.

If you are a bit late, that layer will crack and show little fissures with the egg’s spots. So, that’s why you have to treat the egg on your car before it begins damaging the internal layer of car paint.

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How to Clean Egg Off From Your Car

If you are one of the victims of egg attacks on your car, you have to first clean it and then take precautions for the future.

Removing an egg from the car paint is a hectic job. The nature of the broken egg’s components is not something pleasant. Besides, egg yolk and white are grossly slimy and become more repellent on your car over time if you don’t take any action.

However, we will provide you with easy methods on how to clean off eggs from car paint.

Vinegar Method

The first method works fine when you arrive almost on time at the scene. While the damage is being done to the clear coat, you can apply a suitable amount of vinegar and start treating the car paint. By doing that, you will reduce the rate of damage and simultaneously clean car paint.

  1. First, spot the egg shell’s broken pieces. You can easily spot them as they don’t change their color due to reaction.
  2. Gently pick away those pieces. Plus, do this job bare-handed as the eggshell is not harmful to your skin. Besides, don’t start rubbing the car surface to clean the egg while the shell’s pieces are still there.
  3. Create the sour rinse solution containing almost 3:1 distilled water to vinegar ratio. Also, you can fill the solution in a separate clean bowl and soak some pieces of soft clothes in the diluted vinegar.
  4. Once the solution is prepared, fill it in a spray bottle. Now, it’s time to clean the mess.
  5. Spray 3-4 times (depending on the capacity of your spray bottle) on the egg. If you are using the cloth soaked in diluted vinegar, place that cloth on the egg.
  6. Gently start cleaning the egg from your car paint. Then, clean the cloth and make sure it’s free of the egg’s residue.
  7. Repeat the steps three-four times till you see the car paint in its previous condition. You can also check the outcome by checking whether there is any rotten egg smell or not.

Car Detailing Clay Bar

Several accessories come with a car detailing kit. However, we’ll use the Mothers California Clay Bar System.

  1. First, take out the spray bottle from the car detailing kit.
  2. Spray the chemical on the egg spot.
  3. Now, take out some clay from the clay bar system and fill your palm with it. Don’t take out excessive amounts of clay as that would be hard to clean off.
  4. Gently place the clay on the egg spot and press it.
  5. Repeat the process until all egg is gone from the car paint.

How Egg Damages Car Paint

Three main components are dangerous for car paint:

  • Egg Yolk
  • Egg White
  • Egg Shell

Egg Yolk

The egg yolk is a powerful substance that contains cholesterol and fat, and most of the egg’s calories reside in the egg yolk. Moreover, the egg yolk has enough nutrients to hatch a chick out of the egg.

Egg Yolk

The effective nature of the egg yolk damages the car paint, specifically the clear coat. Besides, it will stain the car paint if you don’t quickly remove it from the car’s surface.

Egg White

Egg white protects the egg yolk. Moreover, it’s used in the manufacturing of waterproof adhesives like glue. Therefore, now you can estimate how sticky it would become if you don’t remove it from your car.

When the egg white becomes completely dry, the vinegar and the clay bar methods might be of no help. In that case, you have to go for the wet sanding process.

Also, the car paint might get damaged permanently. Therefore, you have to repaint the damaged area.

Egg Shell

The eggshell possesses the least threat to the car paint. Since it doesn’t chemically react with any car paint layer, you can simply take out the broken pieces before applying any egg cleaning method.

However, you have to make sure that there is no eggshell because if you rub the car’s surface with a cloth after applying the chemicals, the eggshell’s residue will scratch the car paint.

Final Words

No doubt, eggs will damage your car paint most unexpectedly. But the good thing is you have enough time to clean the egg off your car. Moreover, the methods are simple, and you can save your car paint before any permanent damage occurs.

Besides, use quality car cleaners to clean off the egg spots and make your car aesthetically pleasing like it was before being egged.

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