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Can You Use a Foam Cannon Without a Pressure Washer?


Firstly, in this section of the article, we will answer the question: Can you use a foam cannon without a pressure washer?

You can wash a car without a pressure washer using foam cannon that attaches directly to a garden hose. However, this does not necessarily make the vehicle cleaner than when you wash in the common traditional way, though it could be faster.

Now that you have your answer, you would be interested to know intricately about the Foam cannon’s washing ability.

 And in addition to it, how the pressure washer contributes to the process.

So please sit back, relax and let us go on a journey.

What Is a Foam Cannon?

Foam Cannon

Having to spend your day cleaning a car sucks repeatedly.

 Foam cannon will help you get the most coverage for your efforts, letting you be done with car washing quickly or even giving you time to do other things instead.

Foam cannon are a tool that helps to create soapy foam for washing your car faster. Yet with less effort than you’d get from manually applying the soap. This tool will ensure that every part of the vehicle gets washed, unlike using a sponge.

Foam cannon works alongside pressure washers. The foam cannon mixes soap, water, and air with its built-in high-pressure pump.

When you attach the foam cannon to a pressure washer, it creates a thick stream of liquid that attacks and dislodges stubborn buildup from your car’s paint.

How Does A Foam Cannon Function?

 A foam cannon functions by providing a thick layer of lathers or suds, which are then carefully shot all over your vehicle using the power of a water hose.

 Your exterior will be lubricated, allowing you to use the cleaning mitt to glide over it yet without leaving traces of dents or scratches.

Does Foam Cannon Wash Better?

Foam cannon does not necessarily get to wash better and it does not pose to give a cleaner result.

Using the cleaning mitt, you will be able to glide over your exterior without leaving traces of dents or scratches. The problem is that most people use the same ph-neutral soap in their wash bucket.

Using mild soaps on your vehicle, and giving it time to settle in and rest, then rinsing it away will make no significant difference.

 Since wax is weaker than the other forms of protection, it easily scratches, and you have to keep reapplying.

It doesn’t remove any dirt or debris embedded in your vehicle.

 Again, it is good to note that foam cannon preferably do more when used with a pressure washer.

However, due to the water pressure exerted on the surface of the application.

Do You Still Need To Scrub When Using a Foam Cannon Alone?

The answer is yes.

 Since you often use a ph-neutral soap that is not strong enough to get rid of strong specks of dirt, you would get to apply some mild pressure to scrubbing.  

Where Can You Buy A Foam Cannon From?

You can purchase a foam cannon from a car-wash accessory store near you or check for online stores like Amazon. Check here.

When Can You Use Foam Cannon?

Foam cannon are quite beneficial to use in certain Instances.

 A major preferable condition is using by adding extra lubrication to your vehicle car while washing.

Using foam cannon is almost the best choice for vehicles with mild and delicate spray paints compared to dirty ones.

 So spraying the surface with enough foam helps keep the surface smooth and easy to glide on, protecting the body from scratching.

Foam cannon works better and is effective when used with a soap that has a strong washing capacity.

This method has proven to be a top choice for stripping residual wax or spray from the vehicle.

Furthermore, another case of when to use foam cannon is for those with more detailed washing jobs that are harder to clean.

For example, using foam cannon on a motorcycle and then scrubbing it with a brush is an efficient and easier method than using a towel and spray bottle to cover every piece separately.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Foam Cannon?

It costs about 20$ to get a regular cannon.

However, it depends on the quality and makes of what you are buying, so to give a working range, we can say the price lies between 20$ to 50$

Is The use Of Foam Cannon Economical?

Well, in the overall view, the use of foam cannon is quite effective and to bolster this answer, we would be highlighting some points that prove its economic friendliness below:

1. Cost-Effective

 The use of foam cannon is cost-effective as it allows you to use less soap and water, which helps you conserve and save some extra bills on getting soaps and paying the bills for water.

2. They Produce Efficient Results

If you’re tired of washing your car by hand and want to use a more efficient washing method, look no further.

Using foam cannon allows being used as a no-touch washing method for cleaning your car and can free you from the danger of scratching your vehicle.

 Moreover, you still need to be careful, you know? You wouldn’t want to get all scrubby on your vehicle.

3. It Saves Time

You don’t have to go through much stress using the foam cannon.

 Also, you take less time to wash every nook and crevice because the foam does most of your work for you. The pressure washer allows you to spread the soapy foam to whatever surface you want.

Plus, It also lets you choose how thick the foam can be. The foam can melt off most surface stains that are difficult to reach.

4. It Is More Than a Car Washer

Foam cannon are very lucrative and useful beyond washing vehicles; it is useful for washing other surfaces like furniture, bicycles, house sheds, etc.

What Kind Of Soap Works With Foam Cannon

foam cannon soap

 Good soaps do well with foam cannon, so you don’t need to bother much.

Moreover, you can have your preferences or recommendations. Certain soap products might be preferred above the other, which is still due to choice.

A Popular recommendation among foam cannon users is the Mr pink foaming car wash soap which you can purchase on Amazon here.

Does Foam Cannon Have A Down Side?

Wished this was not part of it but unfortunately, yes!

 If you want some thick foamy lather stud, you might be using a little more than the usual amount of soap, depending on your choice of soap.

Final Words

So to wrap this up, the use of foam cannon to wash alone could be a good idea. But if you can afford to use a pressure washer with it, you are making it easier.

However, foam cannon gives you some extra pleasure of washing without the scare of scratch asides that. It might be a luxury. If you can afford it, then why not?

If you are not buoyant, you could make do with a pressure washer because it still gets the job done.

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