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Can You Wash Car With Just Water?


You’re probably thinking, can you wash car with just water to save money and time? Well, washing your car with just water is not preferred; it isn’t quite as bad as some may believe. Most people always consider that wheel alignments are essential, as are oil changes. But when it comes to outlook maintenance, such as car washes, most people are willing to put it aside to save time and money. 

It is not, however, acceptable because washing your car is critical. For many reasons, it is imperative to keep your car clean. The obvious reason is that you want to be proud of your car. This article will answer all of your car wash-related queries.

Let’s first explore why it is important to wash the car?

Benefits of Washing a Car:

Giving your car a wash frequently is important in keeping it in good condition. Washing your car will help you keep it in good condition. Some of the important advantages of washing your car regularly are as follows:

  • Having a clean car, not just on the outside but also on the inside, will help declutter your mind. It’s incredible how much a clean car can alter your perception. Car washes can help you keep your investment safe. A car wash protects your car’s paint by removing acid rain, dirt, and road salt that can cause rust and corrosion.
  • A car wash protects the paint on your car by removing acid rain, dirt, and road salt, all of which can cause corrosion and rust.
  • The exterior of a clean car improves energy efficiency by up to 10%.

When Can You Wash Car With Just Water?

If you are in a rush to leave or do not have a car cleaner, you can simply wash your car with water. Only, when necessary, should this be done. Using only water to wash your car will not adequately clean it. Because you will have to scrub dirt harder, it will take up your time and effort. This increases the possibility of scratching the paint on your car.

children washing car with only water

The other reason to wash the car with just water is that washing your car may be a crime in some localities. Some laws prohibit the discharge of car washing soaps into drains. So, if you happen to live in such a locality, you may only have the option of washing your car with water.

What Kind of Water Should be Used to Clean a Car?

In most cases, water will be obtained from a city water supply. If you’re doing your laundry at home, use tap water. A specialized car wash will have filters that filter out particulates in the water, such as sand and dirt, down to calcium. This reduces water spots caused by “Hard water” drying on your vehicle.

Is it a Bad Idea to Wash Your Car With Just Water?

Water cannot cause dirt to float off the vehicle’s surface on its own. It’s just enough dirt to act like sandpaper on your paint finish. On the other hand, the soap in the water reduces surface tension while also degreasing. This is what causes dirt to float to the surface.

Why is it Not Helpful to Wash the Car With Just Water?

You may be questioning; can you wash your car with just water? Or perhaps you’re wondering if washing your car with water would be effective. Washing a dirty car with only water is the same as doing almost nothing. Dirt and other substances typically damage the clear coat of your car’s paint. This coat helps extend the life of your paint and keeps it looking shiny. Washing your car on a regular and thorough basis will extend the life of the paint and keep it looking new.

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Car With Water?

In particular, you could also wash your car at least every two weeks. If you want your car to be nice and clean all of the time, wash it once a week. Numerous factors influence how frequently you should wash your car with water. If you drive your car through mud or snow frequently, you will need to wash it more often than those who don’t ever drive off-road. If you notice bug guts, bird droppings, or any other irregular dirt that may leave stains, immediately wash your car with water.

Follow these guidelines to wash your car:

  • You don’t need car shampoo or dish soap to clean your car. Purchase a pressure washer, which will blast water with enough force to remove dirt and stains.
  • On a hot day, avoid washing your car because water evaporates faster, leaving streaks and water spots behind. If you’re only going to wash your car with water, do it on a cool day, preferably somewhere out of the sun’s glare. It is preferable to do the washing outside, away from direct sunlight.
  • Use plenty of water – using too little will not loosen the dirt on the surface. And you will waste a lot of water if you use a lot of it. You must strike a balance between the two. Investing in a pressure washer will ensure that you use as little water as possible when cleaning your car.
  • Prevent using a sponge – sponges appear to be the best tool for removing dirt and dust from a car. However, if you only wash your car with water, sponges will leave washing marks on the paint. You can also get a microfiber cloth or washing gloves instead.

The Bottom Line:

Car washing with only water is effective, but only to a certain extent. While it may remove dust, it will not remove grease or road oil. So, if you want to keep the exterior of your vehicle clean, use a detergent. If your local laws forbid you from doing so, simply go to the nearest car wash. You should wash your car with water and not continue with the proper wash if you are about to drive it on a high-speed road and it has a very water-repellent coating or if you are using de-ionized water to rinse it. However, the results are unlikely to be spectacular, and the car will still appear filthy.

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