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What Transmission Is in My Dodge Ram 2500?


Dodge Ram 2500 was introduced in 1994, and the pickup truck was an instant hit in the US market. Since the truck is now a true veteran, many people wonder what transmission is in my Dodge Ram 2500.

Dodge Ram 2500 transmission types range from four-speed to six-speed, primarily rear wheel drives. All models have a 4 x 4 rear-wheel drive ranging from 4 to 6-speed transmissions.

Keep reading to find out what transmissions your Dodge Ram 2500 model has to offer.

What are Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission Types?

Having won several prizes throughout, Dodge Ram 2500 has created its legacy in all these years.

The initial models from 1995 to 2007 featured up to four-speed transmissions. The 2007 model also featured an upgraded six-speed transmission.

Later, the 2008 models introduced two transmission types:

  • Five-speed transmission
  • Six-speed transmission

The five-speed transmission featured a V8 5.7L engine, while the six-speed transmission had an L6 6.7L Diesel engine.


What are the Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission Models?

Dodge Ram 2500 models have had A618 (47RE), 48RE, 65RFE, 68RFE, and 5-45RFE transmission models.

The A618 or 47RE transmission model featured in the Dodge Ram 2500 models from 1995 to 2002. It had a V10 8.0L Diesel Engine.

The following Dodge Ram 2500 models from 2003 to 2007 had a 48RE transmission model. It had similar engine specs, but it was a high-output diesel engine.

When the Dodge Ram 2500 was upgraded to a six-speed transmission in 2007, it introduced a 68RFE transmission model, having a V8 5.7L engine.

A year later, Dodge came up with two different models with five and six-speed transmission types. The five-speed model featured a 5-45RFE transmission model, while the six-speed model had the 68RFE transmission model.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission?

While the replacement cost can vary according to the nature of transmission damage, the average replacement cost for Dodge Ram 2500 transmission is around $2600.

Typically, the replacement cost can range from $1800 to $3400 in the US.

What are the Common Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission Problems?

Dodge Ram 2500 is quite a robust option for a pickup truck, but it still has three major problems with its transmission.

These problems include:

  • Difficulty in shifting
  • Breaking of shifter cables
  • Transmission failure

Not every Dodge Ram 2500 has all these problems, but they are present in most of the models. Especially those from 2003 to 2006 seem to have quite a few transmission problems.

What are the Gear Shifting Problems in Dodge Ram 2500?

Dodge Ram 2500 models with manual transmission have had several issues with gear shifting. In fact, those having 2003 to 2006 models have particularly complained about the difficulty in shifting gears.

There are several complaints about loud noises from the transmission system during gear changing. Moreover, the drivers are often forced to wiggle the selector to shift gears.

Sometimes, the fifth gear tends to rock off the main shaft, and you end up losing the fifth gear. In such a case, it’s best to upgrade your transmission with a fifth gear lock nut kit to prevent further slip-ups.

Is Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission Failure a Common Problem?

The 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 model has received several complaints about transmission failure. The drivers complained that the failure led to costly transmission replacements.

The transmission failure problems also include:

  • Slipping between gears
  • Lowered speed down to 30 mph or less
  • Surging while idle
  • Hesitating

Given that there is no way to operate the truck without a repair, it’s one of the most expensive problems to deal with.

What is Shifter Cable Breakage Problem in Dodge Ram 2500?

The shifter cable plays a pivotal role in the transmission system. It connects the shifting assembly to the transmission. This allows the driver to change gears seamlessly.

However, this cable tends to break quite frequently, especially in the 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 models. Once broken, the owner has no option but to replace the cable.

Why is 68RFE Transmission Considered one of the best?

68RFE Transmission

With all the critiques on its valve body, the 68RFE transmission remains a robust and reliable option for transmission. However, the 68RFE transmission doesn’t have more power than the factory power when in stock form.

The 68RFE features fully automatic electronic up and downshifts with real-time adaptive closed-loop shift and pressure control.

Does Dodge Ram 2500 have Aisin Transmission?

The latest Dodge Ram 2500 models have the Aisin transmission. It’s an automatic transmission, which is much more powerful than the 68RFE.

Aisin transmission is available in Dodge Ram 2500 models with six-speed transmission systems. That said, Aisin supports up to ten-speed automatic transmissions.

The Aisin transmission has some obvious advantages over the 68RFE.

For example, it has deeper first and second gears that allow it to maximize the torque delivery. This is quite handy for better pulling power. 

What are the differences between Aisin and 68RFE Transmissions?

68RFE and Aisin are two very different transmission systems. Whether it’s gear ratio, load-bearing, towing, or efficiency, there are some obvious differences that are worth highlighting.

How Does Dodge Ram 2500 Load Hauling Compare Between 68RFE and Aisin?

Considering the towing and load-bearing capacity, the Aisin is a clear winner. Because Aisin has a higher gear ratio on the first gear, it can generate more torque and haul heavier loads as compared to the Chrysler 68RFE.

In addition to that, Aisin features an automatic transmission brake that prevents automatic backward rolling downhill.

Which Transmission System Requires More Frequent Maintenance? Aisin or 68RFE?

68RFE is considered a more reliable option, even though it runs at a much higher average temperature than the Aisin transmission. But 68RFE requires less frequent maintenance, making it a more cost-friendly option of the two.

What’s Common in 68RFE and Aisin?

One of the more common aspects of the two transmission systems is the gear ratio for the sixth gear. So, considering high-speed performance, there is very little to choose between the two.


Dodge Ram 2500 is one of the more powerful trucks, ideal for high-end towing and transportation jobs. The truck has won several recognitions for its high-quality performance, even though it has faced several complaints and critiques for its flaws in the transmission system.

Now that you know all about the transmission systems in Dodge Ram 2500, it should be easy for you to figure out the right parts when you go for repairs and replacements.

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