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Are All Car Seat Covers the Same Size?


Car seats gave a similar appearance that gives a general idea that car seats are one fit all. So you’re probably not the only one wondering is all car seat covers the same?

Although the majority of car brands have similar seat sizes which makes their sizes the same, car seat covers are all the same.

In this article, we will consider car seat covers, factors to consider before choosing one, and the ways to clean them.

Are Car Seats Covers The Same Sizes?

Car seats come in different sizes albeit similar car models have similar car seat covers. Car seat size can be universal or custom-made.

car seat cover

These are some of the various sizes of car seat covers.

  • Size 90: This is for a front high-back bench-style seat.
  • Size A or Size 301: This is a common car seat for Vans and SUVs.
  • Size 06/06H: this type of car cover come with three additional adjustable headrest covers
  • Size B or Size 401: this car seat cover has a ¾ bench and front bucket seats.
  • Size 30A or 30 Deploy Safe: this car seat cover is suitable for front seats with airbags.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Car Seat Covers

When choosing a car seat cover, there are factors you should consider that will ensure you make the right choice. The factors to consider include the following:


Before choosing a car seat cover, you need to identify the reasons you’re getting it. Different car seat cover designs serve different purses so you should Identify why you want a new car seat cover.

You might need the car seat cover for comfort, safety, or aesthetics. The purpose you need the car seat cover will determine the functionality you should look out for.


Car seat covers come in different materials that offer different levels of functionality. Before choosing a car seat cover, you should consider the material.

The different types of car seat materials include:

Neoprene Seat Covers

This material is highly resistant to changes in temperature, high pressure, moisture, and UV rays. It’s stay resistant and more suitable for rough roads.

Velour Seat Covers

This car seat cover is made from polyester or cotton. It’s extra soft and smooth which combines to offer a high-level comfortability.

Leather Look Seat Covers

Leather car seat covers are classy, water-resistant, and rarely get stained. It’s highly aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.

Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas is a rugged material that is highly durable, resistant to changes in temperature, and also aesthetically pleasing. It’s affordable and highly user-friendly.


Different materials have varying levels of customization. If you would like to add a personal touch to your car seats such as an extra pillow, color, pockets, and unique designs you will have to get a customizable cover.


Car seat covers vary in price and you need to ensure that the car seat cover you have your eyes on is within your budget. Buying an expensive car seat cover and customizing it will cost hundreds of dollars. Hence you need to be sure the material meets your budget.

Ease of Cleaning

The ease of maintaining and cleaning the car seat cover is another factor you should consider. If the cover requires that you wash it daily or if the cleaning process is complicated, then you might want to stay away from such car seat covers.

The best option is to go for a quality car seat cover that’s also low maintenance and durable.

How To Wash Car Seats

Washing your car seat is a way to maintain your car seat that will ensure it lasts long and functions optimally. You can follow the guide below in washing your leather or cloth car seats.

How To Clean Leather Car Seats

Leather seats can be expensive and they can get damaged if you don’t pay adequate attention to them. You can clean car leather seats yourself by following these steps.

Nail Polish Remover

You can remove stains on your car leather seat by using a nail remover solution. All you need is a cotton ball which you will dip into the nail removal solution and use to clean the seat. After that, you can use warm water and dish soap to clean the seat.

Non-gel Toothpaste

This is a homemade solution for cleaning car leather seats. You only need to apply a dab of toothpaste to the stain then use a clean toothbrush to gently scrub off the stain.

A mixture of Lemon Juice and Cream of Tartar Paste

You can mix an equal portion of cream of tartar and lemon juice into a paste solution. You can apply this solution to the stain for about 30 seconds and it will remove the stain.

You should note that this solution contains a bleaching effect, so you should only use it on a nude leather seat.

How To Clean Cloth Car Seats

Cloth car seats are tough and durable. However, they tend to get dirty more easily than leather car seats. You can clean cloth car seats by using these techniques.


Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can use it to clean your car seat. Vacuum cleaners can deep clean cloth car seats and rid of dust and dirt hidden in the corners of the seat.

Vinegar Mixture

Add a mixture of vinegar and a few drops of dish soap to a bucket of hot water. Apply a dab of the mixture to the stain and use a brush to scrub off the stain. After that, use clean water to rinse the seat.

Club Soda

You can spray club soda on the car seat and use a brush to scrub away the stain. After that, you can use a clean cloth to wipe the seat.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent can be effective in cleaning cloth car seats. Put three to four spoons of detergent in a bowl of hot water and use a brush to scrub off the stain. After that, use a towel and cold water to rinse the seat. 


When it comes to car seat covers, they may look the same but they aren’t always the same. Before choosing a car seat cover, ascertain your needs, the material, and budgets.

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