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Does Ford Offer Heated Steering Wheel?


The question “does ford offer a heated steering wheel? is obviously a yes. Most modern vehicles come with a heated steering wheel, and obviously, Ford would not be left out of the league.

You would be interested in knowing more about how the heated steering wheel works. Muchmore, knowing about the recent modality for Ford in recent times. However, do ensure to read to the end. Come, let us go on a short ride through the streets of my ink to find more knowledge about this topic.

What Is Heated Steering Wheel?

In recent times, thanks to advancements in technology, car manufacturers have come up with an innovation to make driving easier and less stressful. Especially during winter. Interestingly, a heated steering wheel is one of the advents that helps to prevent the discomfort of frosty steering during cold weather.


 The use of a heated steering wheel is becoming popular these days and is more pronounced in regions that are prone to frosty weather. Although, it basically helps to keep both the hands of the driver and the steering warm for easy driving.

Is It Compulsory For Me To Have A Heated Steering Wheel On My Ford?

Actually, I wouldn’t say it is compulsory. However, I would say it is necessary. Seeing that this feature is not really a luxury, it can also save your life.

Imagine that you start driving during a very cold winter, and your steering is completely frozen. In particular, you are also under the adverse effect of the cold. How sad can the case be, right? Moreso, you obviously know that you are going to feel some numbness in your hands.

In addition to what I have said in the previous paragraph, you would not want to drive with numb hands as this can disrupt navigation and lead to poor driving.

So having a heated steering wheel in your vehicle is quite something I would advise you to do. Seeing that it can help you get through the winter season safely without stress.

How Much Does A Heated Steering Wheel Cost?

Depending on the model of Ford vehicle you are using or buying if you got one of the latest editions of Ford that has some luxury package(Obviously, you know you would spend more for that), you might not need to spend extra cash installing a heated steering wheel, but if your Ford model has not come with a heated steering wheel.

Basically, the price of getting a heated steering wheel would cost around $15 up to some hundreds of dollars.

However, this depends on the make and model you are getting. This could also attract some extra bucks if you are having an expert fix it for you.

Well, at this point, it is good that I point out to you that the best option of getting a steering wheel is actually getting or requesting it from the manufacturers of your Ford vehicle. You can be sure to have a well-tailored and specified heated steering wheel that would work just fine.

In addition to the above, just if anything happens to your installed heated steering wheel, you have some liberty to walk up to your manufacturer to lodge a complaint, and good for you if it comes with some warranty.

Should I Cover A Heated Steering Wheel?

 It Is not necessary to cover a heated steering wheel with any insulating material. The reason is that it could lead to excessive overheating, especially when you turn the vehicle on. The heated steering wheel is built to stand alone, so it would not be of any positive reason to cover it again.

Is Heated Steering Wheel Available To Only Luxurious Cars?

The heated steering wheel feature is quite popular in luxurious vehicles. However, I cannot say it is a common feature because it is not yet as popular as having an Air conditioner in vehicles like we do have today.


 Although at some point, having an air conditioner in a vehicle meant a whole lot of luxury. However, now it has become a very normal and common spec for vehicles.

Moreover, who knows if someday in the future, almost all vehicles will have a heated steering wheel to boast of. As of now, the use of heated steering wheels is still limited to certain models of Ford and other luxurious vehicles.

How Do I Choose A heated Streering Wheel?

Knowing the right fit for your Ford’s steering is paramount in choosing a heated steering wheel for it.

 Although there is a general fit and size to almost all ford steerings, however, you cannot be making a mistake by trying to be more precise and specific about it.

In addition, you can also consider the material of the heated steering wheel cover. Considering this, you have to know that the material has a lot to do with the textural feel while you drive, and you obviously would want to choose something that suits you well.

However, from checking out the material used in making the heated wheel steering cover, you would also want to look into the durability of the material to know its lasting strength. Moreover, you obviously would want to buy something that would serve your purpose for quite some time.

Which Ford Cars Have Heated Steering Wheels?

Car ModelPresence Of Heated Steering Wheel
Ford FocusYes
2022 Mustang Gt Premium FastbackYes
Ford Mustang Mach-EYes
Ford BroncoYes
Ford Mustang CoupeYes


At this point, I want to believe that you have a clearer view of what a heated steering wheel is and how to go about using it or replacing it in your Ford vehicles.

However, it is also clear that Ford offers the heated steering wheel, although not all models of Ford offer that.

 Although, quite a number of the recent release come with this super cool feature to keep things warm during a very cold winter season.

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