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Can You Sell a Car Without a Horn?


A Car horn is a crucial element of the car’s system; it plays several roles for the driver. Missing car horns can have negative results when driving.

If you have to sell a second-hand car, you should tell the buyer about the missing horn. Fortunately, it is illegal to sell a car without a horn in some countries.

This article will explain in brief the purpose of horn, the available types of horns you can choose to buy in the market, and their performance.

What Is the Purpose of Car’s Horn?

A horn is a sound device installed on a car. Drivers can use a car’s horn to notify the car’s approach or warn of the presence of danger.

Driving a car with no horn becomes too hard for you as a driver on the road. How will you notify the presence of danger in cases where there is? How will you signify your approach?

You may end up causing accidents whenever you do not have a horn. However, there are other purposes for using a horn:

To Alert Other Road Users Right of Way

You may find yourself in a particular situation. You have a sick person and no ambulance to take him to the hospital, but you have your private car with a working horn.

Well, stress no further; you can take the sick person to the hospital as quickly as possible, even if there is a traffic jam. How will you do this? You have a working horn in your car, right?

Use that to alert other road users on your way to the hospital. People will create a way out because the horn signifies a problem that needs attention.

To Greet Road Users

Maybe you are in a car and come across someone you know on the road. How will you notify them? Also, the horn finds its purpose here.

The sound produced by the moving vehicles creates a hard time for someone to hear your voice whenever you decide to call. It’s best if you use a horn instead. The sound produced is far much more significant than a mere voice.

To Notify Your Annoyance

In cases where you come across an unpleasant situation on the road, let’s say domestic animal. You can use the horn to notify the owner about the situation on the road. This can help prevent any possible accidents on the road.

Which are these horn types mostly used?


Editor’s Pick

Have you come across a pair of round horns behind a Subaru’s front grill? You were staring at an editor’s pick commonly known as Hella Supertone.

These are the horn of choice whenever you want to hear a loud and two tones simultaneously. Mostly found in Subaru’s WRX.

They do not only fit Subaru’s; you can install them in other types of cars of your choice.

So what is the big deal behind this type of horn?

What is this 118 dB(A) high-low double tone that makes sure every person around you hears the sound? The beep sound produced by this horn can penetrate other vehicles.

Besides, there are Teflon bits inside, which protect against humidity, and red paint (can be yellow), which protects against corrosion. The sound and red or yellow color make them heard and also seen.

Caravan Vintage Horn

This type of horn takes you back to the 1920s. The classical sound produced here erupts back old memories of the 1920s, which I’m not sure if you ever existed.

If you want to know what it was like back then, listen to the sound produced by these types of horns. The chrome finish resembles the old-time cars, especially with its loud sound.

Unlike the editor’s pick, this horn-type delivers a sound of about 110 dB with 490 Hz. This type of sound draws attention to anyone around you.

You can install these types of a horn on your modern car types. This horn comes with two connecting terminals and a mounting bolt for easy installation and setup. This is the kind of horn you should install whenever you want to be unique on the road.

Vixen Horns Train Horn Kit

Do you want a massive sound from your car horns? Search no more, vixen Horns Train Horn Kit is best for you. Add an air compressor whenever you want a loud volume from your horn.

Do not use full pressure as this might blow away everyone’s ear drums, but you can have it if you need it. It requires skills in installation.

Finding room for lines and air compressors, and many horns can be hectic. The kit contains every crucial thing of the horn, including fittings, lines, solenoid, electrical and air connections, and a button. 

This kit is durable, made from an entirely metal casing, and gives shade to its components. This kit protects the components against harsh weather conditions if you decide to mount the tank on the outside of your car.

FARBEN Compact Air Horn

If a loud horn is what you need, then go for air horns. Air horns are loud, but they occupy a lot of space during installation. These horns are more complex in their design, requiring longhorns, air tanks, and air compressors with the airlines.

However, the space occupied by this type of horn is much larger compared to simple electric horns but still small compared to Vixen Horns Train Horn Kit.

These air horns have an output of about 150 dB, and the two horns have 760Hz high and 600 Hz low-tone sound. The compressor comprises fuses, relay, and harness.

The air compressor comes with an air filter attached to the pump. The filter protects the inside components and ensures the horn’s good performance for a long time.

ACDelco Professional Horn

If you need a horn designed to meet OEM fitment, ACDelco should be your choice. It comes with almost all installation hardware; these include a locking washer, which you should use for loud and quick chirping sounds.

This type of horn does not need you to upgrade the wiring system. It’s an OE replacement with a similar volume to a standard funnel. Therefore, it draws the same amount of current. This type of horn is an ideal option if you need to install it quickly and easily.


It is illegal selling a car without a horn. However, you should notify the buyer about the missing horn in case you need to sell.

Car horns play a crucial role on the roads; they help the driver notify any danger, seek access, and can be used to greet road users or even alert a car’s approach.

If you need to install one, then there are too many types of horns flooding the market. These horns range from the loud sound producers to the standard or normal sound horns. So, the kind of horn to install depends on your choice.

Whenever you buy a car with no horn, ensure to install one before driving. This will help to prevent the possibility of accidents.

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