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Can You Ship Car Hood?


Most people today find it convenient to ship car parts through trucks. As the number of transport truck increase, there is a good chance this trend will persist.

However, it is possible to ship a car hood. Whenever you want to ship a car hood, the choice of the mode of shipping to use is yours.

However, the cost accrued from this shipping depends on several factors. Whenever you need to ship a car hood, do not expect a fixed price all year round.

This article is a comprehensive guide to the factors influencing the cost of shipment.

What Are the Factors Influencing the Cost of Shipping Car Hoods?

The cost of shipping a car hood varies depending on many factors. Below are the factors.

car hood

Pickup Location and Drop-off

The price at which your hood gets charged can be calculated depending on the distance to be covered. Another thing considered is the route to be followed for the truck to reach the final destination.

This will determine the cost of fueling. It implies that the far the drop-off position, the greater the shipping cost. However, there is a difference in shipping costs between urban and rural areas.

There are many roads leading to major cities compared to rural areas. Trucks need to cover a long distance to find roads leading to rural destinations. The long distance covered influences the cost of shipment.

The Type of Shipment

The shipping type is another factor influencing cost. There are two types of shipment; open shipping and enclosed shipping.

Open shipping- this is the most commonly used type of shipping. Trunks with an open back carry the car hood. The cost of this type of shipment is less because less weight is carried compared to enclosed shipping.

Enclosed shipping the car hood to carry gets enclosed in cases where they offer protection from outside interference. The outside interference can be dust or wind.

Also, another big deal is the large space occupied by the casing. This extensive carrying system and limited space cost more than open shipping.

Vehicle Transport System

Like many industries do. Also, vehicle parts transportation are more often in particular seasons of the year.

This season means it is the best time to transport your car hood using the truck as the mode of transportation. Such seasons happen as people shift their lifestyles, move to major cities, or go to colleges.

These events occur at almost the same time of the year, causing it to be high pick season. This season, an increase in transportation trucks lowers the shipping prices of cars and car parts, including your hood.

Expect high shipping costs whenever you need to ship car hood outside this season. Fortunately, the difference may not be that great.

State of the Car Hood

The state of the car hood is another factor considered. The heavier the car hood, the high the cost of shipping. This weight is more critical as it influences the amount of gas consumed by trucks during the transportation process.

The size of the car hood also influences the cost. The larger the hood, there will be limited space to carry other car parts by truck. Thus, the bigger the car hood, the high the cost of transportation.

However, there are different ways your car hood can influence pricing. In cases where you have modifications on your car hood, it means there is more space occupied. Modifications also mean added weight to the truck. To reduce such costs, remove any modification present on the car hood.

Other modifications also mean special handling; this increases the cost of shipment.

Custom Duty

Perhaps it’s your first time importing a car hood from abroad, and you are not aware of the customs formalities applicable. The country’s customs authority controls every good moving in or outside a country.

These authorities impose taxes on the goods crossing the border. When this custom duty is too high, the cost you incur during transportation increases.

It is not escapable; you have to go through the correct procedure when importing goods from abroad.

Modes of Shipping

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

This type of shipping happens when companies or individuals decide to ship freight on one truck. This process is only applicable once the truck can carry several car hoods in the same truck.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

This process saves on the cost of shipment because the cost gets shared equally.

Unfortunately, this method is not the best. It may take longer for the car hood to reach your destination.

However, shipping companies tend to pack commodities according to their destinations. This helps to reduce the time taken in offloading the commodities to their respective destinations.

Truckload (TL)

This type of shipping is when an entire truck gets assigned to one company or person. The choice is yours. However, you should use this type of shipment whenever you want the car hood to reach safe and in the shortest time possible.

You should therefore be ready with the cost to experience. This method is costly because there is no sharing of the cost.

If you urgently need the car hood, this mode of shipment is good for you.

Small Package Shipment

This method of shipment only applies to freight with a weight lower than 150 lbs.

However, this type of shipment applies to freight sent to individuals located close to each other. Whenever a company wants to send small packages, they use this mode of shipment.

This mode is, however, risky. Your package may get damaged since the transportation companies deal with multiple packages, all transported to different destinations.


It is possible to ship the car hood. However, multiple factors are going to influence the cost of shopping. They include type of shipment, both open and enclosed system, vehicle transport system, the state of the car hood, and customs duty.

However, the mode of shipping to use depends on the size of your pocket. A truckload is the most expensive compared to Less-Than-truckload and a small package shipment.

Whenever you want to ensure the safety of your car hood, truckload should be your choice. Less-than-truckload can also be your choice whenever you do not urgently need your car hood.

However, it’s not conducive if you urgently need your car hood. Lastly is the small package shipment, which involves shipping commodities weighing less than 150 lbs.

This mode of shipment only applies to an individual close to each other. Items transported under this mode are more prone to risks and damages.

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