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How to Manually Roll Up a Power Window? A Complete Guide


Do you need to know how to roll up a power window manually? It’s not as hard as you might think.

It’s no secret that power windows are a blessing. They provide us with the convenience of rolling up our windows without using our hands, keeping them from getting dirty or scratched.

But what happens when your power window just stops rolling up?

That’s why it’s essential to know how to roll them up manually in an emergency. Let’s quickly put you through the steps.

Steps to Manually Rolling Up a Power Window

1. Start by opening the car’s door and removing the panel covering the window. You will do this using a screwdriver on all the crews on the panel cover. It will give you access to the inner workings of the window.

2. Once you have removed the panel, locate the motor that powers the window. There will be gear attached to this motor.

3. Use a flathead screwdriver to disengage the gear from the motor. You may need to use some force to get it started, but be careful not to damage the engine.

4. With the gear disengaged, you can now manually roll up the window. Start by holding onto the glass and giving it a firm push in the direction you want it to go.

If you follow these steps correctly, your power window should roll-up.

What is Power Window in a Car

A power window or electric window is a window that can be raised or lowered by depressing a switch.

Most power windows nowadays are automatic, with sensors to detect when an obstacle is in the way of the window and stop the window before it crushes the object.

car power window

Power windows are a great convenience, especially on hot days when you want to let some air in without getting out of the car or on rainy days when you want to close the window without getting your arm wet.

Many luxury cars now have power windows that can be operated from all four doors and the driver’s seat, making it even easier to control all the windows in the car at once.

Additionally, some cars have power sunroofs that can be opened or closed with a button.

While power windows and sunroofs are very convenient, they can also be a pain if they stop working correctly.

Why Power Window is Not Rolling Up?

There are a few reasons your power window may not be rolling up. Such as:

Faulty Switch

A faulty switch is one of the common reasons for a power window to stop working. If the button is not working correctly, it will not send the correct signal to the motor. As a result, the window will not move.

Faulty Motor

A faulty motor is another common reason for a power window to stop working. If the motor is not working correctly, it will not be able to move the window.

Faulty Connection

If there is a bad connection between the switch and the motor, the window will not be able to move. It is because the signal will not be able to reach the motor.

Wiring Wears Out

As wiring wears out, it will eventually break down, preventing the signal from reaching the motor.

Faulty Window Regulator

The window regulator is what moves the window up and down. It is located inside the door panel and is operated by the power window motor. Over time, regulators can wear out and stop working correctly.

When this happens, the power window will stop working.

Blockage Slot By Ice or Snow

If you live in an area where it snows, the snow can sometimes get into the window slot and block it from moving. This will cause the window to stop working.

Fixing Power Window Not Rolling Up

To fix the power window not rolling up, you first need to identify the problem. Once you know what is causing the window not to work, you can start fixing it.

If the problem is with the switch, you can try cleaning the control with an electronics cleaner spray and see if that helps. Also, you can test the button by using a multimeter to check for continuity.

The switch will need to be replaced if there is no continuity. It may be necessary to either replace or repair the motor if the problem is with the motor. If the problem is with the connection, you will need to clean the terminals and make sure they are making a good connection.

If the issue is with the wiring, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Your window regulator may need to be replaced or repaired if the problem lies there.

How to Protect your Power Window from Getting Stuck

Here are a few tips on how to protect your power window from getting stuck:

1. Use a sealant: Apply a waterproof sealant around the edges of the window frame. It will create a barrier that will prevent water from seeping in.

2. Make Sure that the Window is Clean: Dirt and debris can build up on the window, causing it to stick.

3. Lubricate the Window Regularly: This will help prevent the window from sticking and make it easier to open and close.

4. Be careful when using the Window: Do not slam it shut or force it open. These things can damage the window and cause it to get stuck.



Now that you know how to roll up a power window manually, you can appreciate its convenience. This method can come in handy if there’s a power outage or if your car’s battery is dead.

It’s also a good idea to know how to do this in an emergency. So the next time your power window gets stuck, you’ll be able to fix it without any help. Thanks for reading!

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