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Tri-Fold Vs. Roll-Up Tonneau Cover: Which One Is Better?


The tri fold vs. roll up tonneau cover comparison is essential for everyone who owns a vehicle and wants to protect it for a long time.

Due to their ease of opening, tri-fold tonneau covers are more commonly used. Locking mechanisms that are more robust and secure are also included. A less expensive option is to use roll-up coverings. Tri-fold tonneau covers provide better security and quality, while roll-up tonneau covers are more adaptable.

In addition to offering improved protection for your vehicle’s contents, tri-fold covers are simple to open and close with one move. 

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What Is a Roll-Up Tonneau Cover?

So, what do you think of the Tonneau Roll-Up Cover option? Now that you have the Roll-Up Tonneau in your truck, you’ll need to transport something particularly noticeable. 

The roll-up Tonneau’s velcro attachments make it simple to remove from the hauler’s cab. Due to its ease of assembly, Roll-Ups are often less expensive than Tri-Folds.

Roll Up Tonneau Coverings do have one drawback: they take longer to open and close than other types of covers. Because you have to roll, you have to move your cover around physically. To secure it to your cabin, you will first need to roll it.

You’ll have to go around the truck bed twice to secure the velcro as you roll it out. Even though it requires less work, it takes longer than the Tri-Fold. 

You must fold the Tri-Fold three times before strapping it down. Any hauler may benefit significantly from using Roll-Ups.


  • They are more readily available.
  • Lightweight.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Lower-profile design with lots of features.


  • Unfortunately, the Roll-Up isn’t strong enough for the task at hand.
  • The Roll-Up offers a lower level of protection, making it much easier for someone to enter into the bed of your vehicle.
  • It also takes a lot longer to open than the standard method.

What Is Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover?

In terms of Tri-Fold coverings, there are two varieties: hard and soft. In comparison to the soft Tri-Fold, the hard Tri-Fold is more durable, more heavy-duty, and has a more stiff structure. The soft Tri-Fold is now easier to remove from your truck because it weighs less.

The Tri-sturdiness Fold is one of its advantages. Typically, the Tri-Fold structure consists of two sections, one on top and one on the bottom, with firm vinyl fabric material covering the top and bottom. In addition to the Tri-sturdiness, Fold’s also provides outstanding security.

Locking your Tri-Fold will make it difficult for someone to open it. In all, the Tri-Fold Tonneau may be folded in three distinct ways. Fold the cover back and place your heavy load on the tarp. Remember that Tri-Folds don’t let you get to your cargo from the back of your vehicle.

However, keep in mind that the Tri-Fold will sit a few inches over the truck’s bed, so keep that in mind while installing it.

If you have to remove and reinstall the Tri-Folds, they may be a pain due to their weight, but they are simpler to open and close.


  • With the Tri-Fold, you’ll be able to transport more complicated cargo.
  • Simple to use
  • Premium pick


  • When it comes to putting Tri-Folds together, it might not be easy.
  • Due to Tri-considerable Fold’s weight, it may be too cumbersome to use.
  • A Tri-Fold is a pricey option.

Comparison Table

Comparison EntityRoll-UpTri Fold
Material Standard AluminumPremium Aluminum
Weight Rating400lbs400lbs
Warranty 3 years5 years
Panel CoreProfiled Structure  Premium Density Panels
Panel FinishGloss VinylPremium Matte Finish
Dent/Ding resistantNoNo
Installation30 mins30 mins

Features Comparison: Roll-Up Vs. Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Comparison of the Installation Process:

When comparing two tonneau covers, installation time is a critical factor.

Roll-up tonneau coverings may be installed in 30 minutes or less. Furthermore, if you look at the installation guide, it’s really straightforward.

Installing Trifold tonneau covers takes roughly the same time. Also, it’s a simple process. Therefore, when it comes to installation, there isn’t much of a difference.

Comparative Analysis of Security Measures:

The critical portion is about to begin. Security is critical, especially if you’re transporting a large amount of stuff. 

As a result, Tri-fold provides you with an automated latch system, while Roll-up provides you with an integrated latch system. We can tell which one is superior.

Furthermore, Tri-fold latch systems are far more sturdy and more robust than Roll-up latch systems. As a result, Tri-fold tonneau covers are suitable for improved protection.

Comparative Analysis of Environmental Protection Measures:

In addition to rain protection, environmental safety also includes UV protection and other associated factors. As a result, your Tri-fold comes out on top since it provides an excellent seal against moisture.

In addition, the surface’s UV resistance and resistance to scratches and other damage make it ideal for outdoor use. On the other side, Roll-up gives some security, although it isn’t as promising as other options.

Comparison of Use:

You need to take into account a wide range of factors while deciding how to use it. It appears that the Roll-up Tonneau Cover is simple to open or close since you roll the cover; however, this is not the case. 

However, your Tri-fold is superior to this rolling-up method. It also obscures your vision in the rearview mirror when it rolls up. However, Velcro isn’t required for this.

It’s also relatively simple to fold and unfold a tri-fold. On the other hand, Tri-fold delivers a superior experience in this regard.

Comparative Design:

Let’s get started with the design now. A tonneau cover does a lot of work for you, and you should know that before reading any further. Because of this, it is impossible that it is an ordinary event. As a result, it must be sturdy enough to deal with your issues.

The aluminum panels used in the Tri-construction folds and matte surface make it long-lasting.

As an example of this, consider roll-up displays made of vinyl and have a flexible construction. In terms of ergonomics, Tri-fold is my favorite.

Comparison of materials:

Let’s go on to the content itself. Both include aluminum, so that’s a good thing. However, the aluminum utilized in the roll-up tonneau cover is typical for this type of cover.

Additionally, the roll-up kind has a layer of vinyl (gloss) on top of it. However, the top of the tri-fold is coated with a high matte finish that is UV-resistant.

Therefore, Tri-fold is the winner in the material category as well. Internally, it’s tough as nails, and outside, it’s well-defended.

Comparing the Costs:

Let’s compare the costs of the two items now. Honestly, you can get a roll-up kind at a lesser price than a tri-fold. 

When you’re out shopping for new items, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the pricing and stick to your budget.

However, you have complete control over what you purchase here. However, take in mind that the price difference isn’t that big.

Different Types of Tonneau Covers


The tri-fold name comes from a folding tonneau cover that protects a cargo bed using multiple linked stiff panels (often three). Closed panels can be folded onto each other to save space.

Two panels then fold over onto the third panel (closest to the cab). To ultimately expand the cargo bed, the rear window must be put against all three panels.


Vinyl or nylon are the most common materials to make roll-up tonneau covers. An attachment method (such as Velcro or snaps) is used to secure the cover to the bedrail.

In the same way that you would roll or unroll a sleeping bag, except on both sides of the cargo bed, the outer borders are fastened. You may roll or unroll this cover as many times as necessary.

Excess material can be stacked on top of the bed or tucked away behind the cabin when not in use (or it can be removed entirely).

Other types of truck bed covers include:

This page focuses on folding vs. rolling tonneau covers, although it’s helpful to know the many alternatives available.

A retractable tonneau cover may be rolled up like a roll-up window shade. It’s kept in a big box at the cargo bed’s front (underneath the rear window). 

The cover is held in place by a channel on each bed rail. Battery power some models.

A single-piece lid is used on a hinged tonneau cover, attached to the front of the bed by a single hinge. There are just two choices: open or shut position.

As with a vehicle’s roof, some versions may include an opening support strut (like the one used for loading and unloading).

In the end, finding the most incredible tonneau cover solution is a matter of finding one that meets your specific requirements and tastes.

Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Covers vs. Soft Roll-Up Covers

Both of these tonneau coverings have some essential variations.

Your truck bed roll-up tonneau cover may remain in place at all times. On the other hand, the tri-fold tonneau cover prevents you from using the truck bed with any other bed accessory. As a result, to do so requires removing the cover.

As a result, we find that these distinctions exist while contrasting soft roll-up and tri-fold tonneau coverings.

Which One is Better: Tri-Fold or Roll Up?

When choosing between a roll-up and a tri-fold cover, it’s hard for me to admit that there’s no clear winner.

For those who don’t care about the amount of space thetri-fold tonneau cover takes up since they only use their bed once or twice a year, this is the perfect option for you! Because of their ridges, they are highly durable.

But if you want to use your truck bed to its fullest and don’t mind spending a little additional time rolling up a tonneau cover, the roll-up model is your best option.

Hammer & Coop’s Opinion

My thoughts on the comparison are now in order. After doing a thorough evaluation of both items, I believe that the following topics should be discussed with you to decide.

As a result, the installation process for both models is nearly identical. Both of these items may be installed in 30 minutes or less. However, tri-fold is the clear winner when it comes to design and substance.

In addition, UV protection distinguishes it from the crowd. Your tonneau tri-fold cover may also be arranged in any way you choose. So, that’s a good thing to have.

The automated latching feature on a tri-fold tonneau cover makes it simple to use and put to good use. The roll-use up’s is equally simple. However, I like the tri-fold format since it provides a better user experience.

With the tri-fold option, you’ll enjoy even more security. As a result, this argument favors the threefold theory of value.

In addition, consumer feedback and ratings show that tri-fold is superior in terms of dependability.

We can see that tri-fold is preferable in most cases if we compare them correctly. Tri-fold is preferable to roll-up. Consequently, when comparing, I would always choose the tri-fold option.

Which Roll-Up & Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers You Should Prefer?

There are two types of folding: hard and soft. You should pick the premium cover. This is the way to go if you want a fantastic truck bed cover that is long-lasting.

The Tonno Pro Lo Roll has a sleek and attractive appearance, as well as the ability to help you save at least 30% on your gasoline costs. Installing and mounting this cover on the truck’s bed rails is a cinch.

In terms of Tri-fold Tonneau Covers, which ones are our favorites? Hammer & Coop recommends the Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold cover for this type. Why?

  • Because it has a design that is protected by a U.S. patent.
  • Team of Local Service Experts.
  • TYGER has fantastic durability.

It’s pre-assembled and well-designed, and it can be installed in minutes without using any tools with an aircraft-grade metal frame and 24 ounces of tear-resistant marine-grade vinyl.

In the event of heavy rain, hail, sleet, or snow, your truck bed’s weathertight seal will keep your goods safe.

What is the Purpose of a Tonneau Cover?

advantages of tonneau covers

You need to do a few things before getting the most out of your car, such as installing additional safety devices. In the long term, this provides a fair return on investment.

You must also be able to maximize the area you have available. That extra room in the truck would be sad if you had to give it up for the sake of a bit of rain damaging your goods. 

A Tonneau cover installation is a fast and straightforward option. The benefits of installing a Tonneau cover are further explored in the following section.

Tonneau Covers have several advantages:

Safety and security are of the utmost importance:

When it comes to protecting your goods, the tonneau cover is an excellent choice. As a result, your goods and possessions are shielded from harm because of the way it covers the back of your vehicle. If left out in the open, most goods are easy prey.

A tonneau cover protects your cargo from theft and stops it from moving about inside your vehicle. Locks can be added to some covers to provide additional protection.

Savings on Gasoline:

Consider installing a tonneau cover if you’re looking for a more aerodynamic or streamlined car. The impact is the same whether the book has a soft or hardcover. 

As a result, your car’s gas economy will improve, and you’ll save money since less air resistance means better gas mileage.

Resistance to the goods:

In addition to securing your goods, a tonneau cover also protects the truck bed of your vehicle from extreme weather conditions, such as solid rain/storms, etc. If you don’t plan on hauling anything in the truck bed, it’s still a wise buy.

Makes Your Car More Valuable:

As previously said, a tonneau cover offers several benefits to your truck. It would help if you made every attempt to preserve what you’ve spent so much time and money on. Fortunately, this can be done quickly enough by taking a few modest steps and implementing modifications like this one from time to time.

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered all relevant points and thoroughly compared theroll up tonneau cover vs. tri fold. I’ve done my best to represent you with the information you need to make wiser purchasing decisions.

You have the last say. Do not be influenced by personal prejudice and conduct a thorough evaluation. Once you’ve reached the end, you’re done. If you favor the tri-fold, then go ahead and do it. Buy the other one if you can.


Which of the two tonneau cover designs, the roll-up and the tri-fold, is the more popular?

Most people like tri-packs because of their attractive characteristics and qualities. Many areas of decision-making are more dependable and superior using this tool. As a result, the tri-pack is the most common.

What is the capacity of a roll-up tonneau cover?

In terms of design, this item is not built to bear the weight of a concentrated and heavy burden. As a result, it’s best to avoid placing any pressure on it.

Which one takes the least amount of time to install?

If we take a closer look, we can see that the installation time for both kinds is nearly identical. It takes around 30 minutes to install them, and it’s a simple process.

Roll-up vs. trifold: Which is better?

It’s easy to see that the tri-construction folds are relatively solid if we examine them attentively. Tri-fold provides a level of durability above and above what most people would expect.

How to Use a Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover?

A tri-fold tonneau cover’s operation isn’t complicated. Trifold tonneau covers are more accessible to fold because of the automated locking system, making life even more accessible.

Because of this, you may fold the paper to your heart’s content. Understanding how it works will allow you to run it independently, even if you’re the only one on your team.

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