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How to Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key: A Complete Overview

how to unlock steering wheel without key

When the steering wheel locks, you realize you’ve been dealing with a challenging start problem for a long time. So, in these situations, you must know how to unlock a steering wheel without key?

Sometimes, the steering wheel gets stuck because you unintentionally locked the wheel without realizing it. The ignition lock cylinder can be opened using wd40 and elbow grease. The key should be turned on while wiggling the steering wheel back and forth and vary how much pressure you apply.

You may have had trouble starting your automobile, which is very typical. Up until your steering wheel becomes immovable, you may not be too concerned about the situation. The ignition key is also rendered inoperable as soon as the steering wheel is locked. 

Nevertheless, before we get to this, I’ll explain how to unlock a steering wheel with a Key, why wheel locks exist, and what causes them.

Do You Know Why Steering Wheels Lock?

why do steering wheels lock

I understand why you may be baffled about why your steering wheel suddenly locks when you haven’t done anything to it. “The steering wheel locks when you turn off the ignition and unplug the key.”

An essential safety device put in place by automobile manufacturers to prevent your vehicle from moving on its own is all it takes.

Additionally, you can protect your vehicle against pranksters who could try to steal it by employing a hotwire approach. To unlock your steering wheel, you must first understand why it does so.

Steering Lock Mechanism with Keyless Ignition

There are a variety of situations in which a keyless ignition steering lock might be helpful. This is the outcome of a pre-programmed system meant to keep your automobile safe and secure.

Locking the door after the motor has been shut off is done automatically or manually by rotating the steering wheel. Whenever the power is off, turning the steering wheel may also activate this feature.

Generally speaking, steering wheels can be unlocked in the same way. The handbook is the best place to seek information specific to your vehicle. If you want to learn how to unlock steering wheel then stay with us.

When Your Steering Wheel Locks Up? Here Are 3 Common Causes

Power steering pumps problems:

According to this guide, a jammed power steering pump might be to blame for steering wheel lockups.

Vehicles didn’t have power steering pump failure difficulties in the past since they didn’t have much power.

When it came to reversing an automobile, all you needed were your arm strength back then. Power steering pumps have made it possible for cars to be readily and comfortably steered.

However, despite its usefulness, it is also somewhat fragile.

In a sudden turn:

You may be suffering steering wheel lock as a driver if you frequently do rapid bends. Transmissions, on the other hand, pay off in the long term.

Even though you appreciate the tight corners that make you appear like a pro, your engine isn’t so happy about them. Because of this, your steering wheel might become stuck in a locked position. A steering lock might result from a jammed power steering pump.

It’s a good idea to discover how to unlock the steering wheel now that you realize rapid turns aren’t the best option for your vehicle’s handling. As a consequence, you’re less likely to have steering lockup.

Car ignition lock:

There are occasions when even after several attempts, your automobile key will not turn.

“Sudden lock up,” as auto technicians calls it, maybe a term you’ve heard before.

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Unlock Steering Wheel without A Key: Everything You Need To Know

You need to know what tools you’ll need to accomplish this goal. Before you start freaking out, you probably already own most of these items. There are just three of them: they are as follows:

  • Screwdrivers
  • WD40 and socket sets are both recommended.


Step 1: Insert key and turn wheel concurrently:

In order to start, you must first insert the key into the ignition and then crank the wheel simultaneously.

Sometimes, the steering wheel gets stuck because you unintentionally locked the wheel without realizing it.

In this scenario, simply turn on the ignition and spin the wheel. Turning the key causes a clicking sound. You’ve been successful in unlocking your steering wheel if you see this.

In order to avoid damaging the ignition lock mechanism, take care when turning the key in the ignition.

Step 2: Locate a backup key and turn it in:

Even though the focus of this post is on how to unlock the steering wheel without a key, the methods that require a key are included here to address the possibility that the problem stems from the key.

You’ll want to use a spare key for this step in case the one you’ve been using has worn out.

Buying a second-hand automobile is a common cause of this. It doesn’t matter, though. It’s as simple as getting the spare key and putting it in the ignition.

Step 3 – Spray some WD40:

To prevent corrosion, ease penetration, and replenish moisture, use WD40. Now it’s time to give this lubricant since the other methods haven’t worked, so spray it into the ignition.

As a result, the lock cylinder will be easier to spin to start the automobile, melting away any solidification.

Option 2:

This is the second method for unlocking a car’s steering wheel.

This area is more specialized and requires a higher level of expertise. So, if you think it’s professional, you should get in touch with your auto technician. Check your car’s handbook beforehand if you want to give this a go yourself.

Step 1: 

The next step in unlocking the steering wheel is to gently unscrew the screws in the lower half of the wheel.

Press the cover tabs to uncover and unlock the lower half of the component after you’re finished.

Step 2: Clearing the lock cylinder is the second step:

The ignition compartment’s lock cylinder is now visible. First, press and crank the lock release tab to unlock the door until the cylinder slides.

You’ve completed this step when the cylinder lock goes back. Take your time, though, and do not remove any lock cylinder components.

Step 3 – Install a new lock cylinder:

Insert the old key into the new lock cylinder and the steering column lock with the old key in place. Finally, check that the lock cylinder is securely in place and turn the key in full. You may then return the columns to their original position.

Step 4 – Reinstall the columns:

The last step is to restore the upper and lower column panels.


Push-button start-ups may make it more difficult for you to free the steering wheel, even if you know how to do it in a car with a key ignition.

As it turns out, it’s easier than you think to unlock a push-start ignition. To unlock the steering lock, there are a few basic actions that you should take. 

Unlocking the steering wheel may not be possible in some circumstances; you should contact a mechanic in these cases.

First, figure out what caused the steering wheel to lock up in the first place:

Even if this isn’t always possible or relevant, you should be cautious when reactivating the lock if you suspect it has something to do with the vehicle’s safety. 

Try to jump-start the automobile if you suspect the battery has died before or while you are trying to unlock the steering wheel.

Take a Step Backwards:

This ensures that the automobile does not move when you open it.

Adjust Your Steering Wheel to Be Centered:

You might reverse the wheel back to its original direction as the last resort. Wiggling the wheel back and forth might also help. Some automobile models may not necessitate the driver to turn the wheel.

While braking, hit the engine-start button:

Spinning the wheel while pressing the ignition button is preferable to clicking the ignition button after turning the wheel. If one approach doesn’t appear to be working, try a few others.

Some Vital Tips on How to Unlock the Steering Wheel

Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key

Having your steering wheel locked up in the middle of the road may be terrifying. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind in such a situation:

  • The solidification that may be causing the steering wheel lock can be released by cleaning the steering pump.
  • The old ignition switch may be causing your wheel to lock up.
  • The ignition switch should be lubricated with power steering oil.
  • Get a new power steering pump since the old one may be outdated and need to be replaced.
  • The steering column should be cleaned.
  • As much as possible, stay away from making sudden corners.

How to Unlock a Keyless Ignition Steering Wheel with a Dead Battery?

Even though no one likes having their car locked and, even worse, having a dead battery, we can unlock it if we follow the proper measures.

Avoid stepping on the brake pedal:

You might do damage to the vehicle if you do this. If you don’t initially jump your automobile, pressing the break will accomplish nothing.

Press the Ignition Button:

At the very least, you should still be able to unlock the wheel and switch on accessories mode.

Turn Your Steering Wheel:

The lock can be disengaged by centering it, turning it to the left or right, or turning it back and forth to the right. It would help if you used all the force you could muster to avoid damaging any objects.

The Significance of a Keyless Ignition Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks might be a nuisance if you’re not expecting them, but they serve various functions. 

Keyless ignition automobiles aren’t the only ones with locking steering wheels; they also have those that start with a key.

Here are a few of the reasons why your steering wheel lock is so essential:

To Prevent Theft, Install a Locking Steering Wheel:

Thefts will have considerably more difficulty hotwiring your vehicle if your steering wheel is locked. As a result, the steering wheel becomes immobile when you park your automobile.


An automobile cannot move on its own if the steering wheel is locked. To avoid being jolted out of your seat by an unexpected gust of wind, be sure to push your brake pedal all the way down before starting your automobile.

Defense against Problems with the Power Steering:

If your power steering system is broken, your steering wheel may become stuck in one position. If you feel this to be the case, be cautious when reactivating your vehicle.

In the event of a steering column or suspension problem, you’ll be prepared:

As a result, your steering wheel may become jammed. It’s a good rule of thumb to be cautious while reactivating your vehicle.

What if the Steering Wheel Still Won’t Unlock?

If you’re still unable to remove the lock from your steering wheel, check your car’s owner’s handbook to see if there’s anything specific to your vehicle that might be causing the lock to engage.

Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for particular instructions. It is possible that you may need to get your car checked by a specialist.


What if my wheel locks up?

It has the potential to cause a major accident. This might be caused by power steering leaks, unclean steering fluid, or suspension or steering column failure.

Can my steering lock while I am driving?

Yes! This is an unusual circumstance. Most current automobiles include an automated locking steering system that only works when the vehicle is not in use parked.

What is the value of a steering wheel lock?

A steering wheel that has been unlocked can cost anywhere from $100 to $400, depending on the problem, the components used, and the service charge.

Why does my steering wheel lock-up?

Start the car. The steering wheel is possibly locked because you parked the automobile with force. Use the ignition key to unlock as you would start the engine.


Final Verdict

Finally, we wanted to provide some tips on preventing steering wheel lock. Always check the PSC fluid level. Insufficient amounts might exacerbate the harm.

Many web sources claim that a steering wheel may be unlocked without a key. But the truth is quite different. If you do it without a key, you risk damaging your automobile.

Remember that replacing the lock cylinder is permanent. Read this blog from top to bottom if you want to remove steering wheel lock without key.

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