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Is Toyota RAV4 a 7 Seater?


Shopping for a vehicle with seven-seaters might be what you need. Most car SUVs offer the seven-seater option. However, if Rav4 is what you want, you most likely wonder if it has this option. Each seven-seater means an extra third row for the Toyota rav4. It’s hard to determine whether their brand exists, but at least an answer has been provided.

Some Toyota rav4 has seven-seaters but not all the models come equipped. Some of the 2005 and 2012 rav4 cars have this kind of equipment, while the rest have five seaters with the driver included. It’s hard to get a 3rd row Toyota Rav4 because not many people go for their purchase.

You will find more discussions in this article to increase your knowledge of 3rd row Toyota rav4. Read this article for more information.

Which Toyota RAV4 Has the 3RD-Row Seating?

The production of Toyota rav4 with 3rd row is coming to extinction. The company no longer offers the option. However, Toyota manufacturers have provided other SUVs with more space for passengers.


But this shouldn’t despise you; the older rav4 of 2005 to 2012 still exists in the market. They provide an option for the 3rd-row space under their small SUVs.

Which Model of the RAV4 Can Offer Seven Passengers?

The trickiest part for you is finding the rav4 with 3rd-row seating. Besides, not all 2005 to 2012 models come with the extra row option.

However, you will still find some of the old rav4 claiming to offer seven-seat passengers in the market. The complicating fact is; that you will not find any 7-passenger explanation on any Toyota website about the rav4.

If you need to get a Toyota rav4 with seven-seaters, you need to hunt carefully in the market.

Why Did the Toyota Company Seize Production of the Toyota RAV4?

Since 2018, plans to expand bigger the existing rav4 have ceased. According to Toyota motor’s vice president of the North American group, the compactness of the rav4 only holds a certain space.

For Toyota lovers, you’ll notice Toyota SUVs offer more space for 7-passengers. Because the SUVs provide the accommodation, the Toyota company found no need to push the rav4 to provide the 3rd row for the 7 or 8 passenger seat.

However, efforts to make more utility on the rav4 brand continue.

How Many Seats Do RAV4 Offer?

The rav4 model comes with seating for five passengers, the driver included. However, due to its compatibility, adults may not comfortably fit inside. But fitting inside depends on your size and the luggage you need to carry in the car.

However, other rav4 offer passenger seating options for seven. Due to its compatibility, it doesn’t function like the larger Toyota SUVs. It cannot fit eight passengers. For the sake of rav4 with 3rd row, you’ll find three passenger seats.

Due to the rav4 small size model, you should understand it’s not best for carrying bulkier options like the other car models; Sequoia and Land Cruiser.

Does It Worth It for RAV4 to Have a Third Row?

Most consumers seek rav4 with a third row. They even want to pay more than the Manufacturer’s Retail Price, but the car models no longer exist. It’s too hard to find one because the Toyota manufacturers seized its production.

Indeed, whoever owns a rav4 with a third row is happier with it. From the forum discussions among the rav4 owners, they benefit from the higher payload and firm rear springs plus other structural features.

Therefore, you should know that the rear seats do not fit the elders. However, kids can adequately fit.

In addition, whenever you want to install other safety options for kids, go for the larger SUVs, which offer more elbow room.

Which SUVs Offer Third-Row Seating?

Most of the newer Toyota SUVs offer the third-row option. Some of which include; 4runner, Highlander Hybrid, Highlander, Land Cruiser, and Sequoia.

Do the Highlander Hybrid, and Toyota Highlander Has a Third-Row Option?

These car models come with seating options for up to 8 passengers. These can be a good fit if you have a big family or friends you don’t want to leave behind.

However, there exist other cars with passenger seats for five. If you want ample space for plenty of passengers, you have to order a custom setup.

Is There a Third-Row Option for the Toyota 4Runners?

You should know that not all 4Runners come with a third-row option. However, you can install this option whenever you need it in your newer 4Runner.

Besides, a 4Runner is a good option whenever you want to set your car to look like a rav4. It’s stylish for all the terrain while providing rugged durability with comfortable balancing to everyone you want to bring along on a road trip.

Does Toyota Sequoia Have Eight Seats?

Here comes another large passenger SUV for you. The Toyota Sequoia has a great towing ability and can carry up to 8 passengers. They have the option for the eight-passenger seat. However, they come with a higher price tag and a four-wheel-drive plus a V8 engine.

Does Toyota Land Cruiser Have Seating for Eight?

Toyota Land Cruiser is another model with an eight-seater option best for your large crew. It’s a version of the SUVs with a roomier space than the others. However, the cost of the Toyota Land Cruiser is high, but this is in line with the features it possesses.

It has a high engine performance, while the seating arrangement is a few of the luxurious features of any Toyota SUV you should mention.


The production of the seven-seater Toyota Rav4 ceased. However, there exist rav4 models with the seven-seaters of the year between 2005 to 2012. Due to their no-production, it’s too difficult to find and have one.

Most of the Toyota Rav4 have five-seater options. Under its compatibility, this is a good fit seat to have. It’s too difficult to include a 3rd for a Rav4, but it’s possible to equip in other car models like the 4Runner.

Despite Rav4 missing the seven-seater option, other SUVs can offer the service for you. They include Highlander Hybrid, Highlander, Land Cruiser, and Sequoia.

With all discussed, if you need to have a Toyota Rav4 with seven-seaters, you have the option to search. You should, however, prepare with the cost of the purchase to incur.

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