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Can You Jumpstart a Car With Electric Handbrake?


Can you jumpstart a car with electric handbrake?

The above question is one that every car owner would want to have a clear answer to because, at some point.

You can never predict what will happen and your car breaks down and needs to be restarted. However, you would want to know the compatibility of the vehicles that can offer you the jumpstart aid.

The simple answer is yes; you can jumpstart a car with an electric handbrake just like other regular vehicles.

Furthermore, when the battery is flat, you need to power the battery to supply power to disengage the brake.

Rather than rushing off, it would be nice of you to keep this tab open.

 Further, read through the lines of this article because I will be giving you more vital information on useful things to know about jumpstarting vehicles and electric handbrakes.

What Is The Meaning Of Jumpstarting A car?

A jumpstart means supplying external power or recharging a flat battery from a source with enough power to supply.

woman using jumper cables when her car’s battery

However, this is a common automobile practice among car owners or users, especially when driving and your car shuts down unannounced.

Amazingly, with the help of the jumpstart method, you can connect or transfer power from the charged battery to the discharged battery.

The Jumpstart is popularly done using a jump start cable. Furthermore, I would love you to picture Jumpstarting as a first-aid treatment given to a patient who passes out.

You could perform a chest jack on him or mouth to mouth resuscitation.

That should be lucid enough, so to further crystallize, One can say that the dead battery is the person who fainted. The donor battery is the person resurrecting, and the oxygen is the supplied power.

Is Jumpstarting A Car with Electric Handbrakes Dangerous?

Interestingly, the option of jumpstarting a vehicle could be a lifesaver and relieving intervention for your vehicle.

It also comes with its disadvantages, which could be quite detrimental. So let us take a look at how dangerous it really can be.

When you jumpstart your vehicle, you want to ensure that you get the power donor from a good source.

Not all batteries might be able to power your vehicle, so as much as it is beautiful to receive help from someone willing to offer some jumpstart help.

However, you should also know what kind of battery would be compatible and safe to renew your battery to life.

Furthermore, another danger of jumpstarting a car with an electric handbrake is using the wrong type of jumper cable.

To further make it clear, not connecting them well to the source could also expose your battery to sudden surge or inappropriate current supply.

Also, you should ensure that you are not jumpstarting a car that has a spoilt or damaged battery, so be sure to confirm if the battery is damaged.

 One of the ways you can know is when you get feedback of a rotten egg smell from the battery. However, in this case, it would not be advisable for you to jumpstart the vehicle; rather, you should replace the battery.

What Is The Difference Between Jumpstart And Hillstart?

To jumpstart a car, you need another vehicle from which you can connect and draw power from its battery to your dead battery.

However, Hillstart works more common in manual vehicles.  Doing this involves you pushing the vehicle along a sloppy or hilly road in a free manner to kickstart the vehicle.

Can I Jumpstart My Automatic Vehicle Without A Jump Cable?

 Well, this question is more like a yes and no answer. How do I mean right?

It is good to note that the jump start cable is the connector through which you can transfer power to your dead battery.

Furthermore, it would be impossible to jumpstart if you are not using one, except that you use a portable battery charger.

However, it is good to note that jumpstarting without cable is more pronounced with manual vehicles.

What Steps Should I take In Jumpstarting My Electric Handbrake Vehicle?

Follow these simple and well-detailed steps to jumpstart your vehicle;

electronic handbrake button in car
  • Ensure both vehicles are close, i.e. the car that is jumpstarting and the car that is jumpstarted.
  • Make sure both cars’ ignition is switched off, and the brakes are on a neutral level.
  • Attach the red clip of the jumpstart cable to the positive side of the battery.
  • Place the other end of the red clip on the positive side of the that is serving .
  • Then, attach the black clip to the positive on the car’s negative terminal that is doing the jumpstarting.
  • Attach the second black clip to the metal surface of your car just close to your battery.
  • Finally, start your car by turning on the ignition.

If you have followed the above steps properly, you should have successfully done a jumpstart on your car.

However, it is good to note that if ot does not work, try checking your cables to see if they are well connected.

At What Point Should I consider Towing My car?

Well, I would say that you can consider towing your vehicle when you have done all necessary to jumpstart your car, and it does not work.

Advisably, reach out for towing assistance, especially if your situation is on the highway. Though, to avoid unforeseen circumstances like offending roadside laws or even accidents.

Final Words

As I draw the curtain here, I would leave you to digest and probably read through this article again to establish that much-needed knowledge on jumpstarting your electric handbrake car.

It is good to reemphasize that you should ensure your cables are properly and rightly connected to the batteries.

Moreover, you can always refer back to this article if you forgot something. So, for now, I say a big Bye!

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