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What Is VSA Warning Light in Honda Accord?


Cars come with different features to enhance their functionality. The VSA is one of those features. So, what is VSA warning light in Honda Accord?

The VSA warning light represents the Vehicle stability assist which is a computer system that provides tires with enough traction to drive on slippery roads. When the VSA warning light is on, it suggests something is wrong with the VSA system.

This article explains all you need to know about the Vehicle stability assist system.

What Does The VSA Light Mean In A Honda Accord?

When the VSA light is blinking on your dashboard, it means the VSA is active, and it’s providing the car with traction to have more grip.

However, when the VSA warning light, which is a triangle with an exclamation light, comes on, it might suggest that the computer has detected a likely fault in the system.

Is It Safe To Drive With VSA Light On?

If you’re driving and the VSA warning light comes on it means there’s an issue with the system.

However, you can continue to drive normally with the VSA warning light on as this doesn’t affect the brake and wheels. You just won’t be able to use the stability enhancement features of the VSA system.

What Can Cause The VSA Light To Come On?

A likely reason for the VSA indicator light coming on is that you accidentally shut off the system.

Older cars have a manual button you can press to shut down the system.

How Do You Turn Off The VSA Light In A Honda Accord?

To turn off the VSA light, you can locate the VSA button which is to the left of the steering wheel. You should press and hold down the button till you hear a beep. The VSA system will shut down and the light will go off.

How To Reset VSA Light In Your Honda Accord

If the VSA warning light comes on, it means the computer has detected a problem with the VSA system. You can fix this problem by taking out your car for a scan to determine the source of the problem.

Is VSA The Same As Traction Control?

Vehicle stability assist is an advanced traction control that uses a computer system to provide the tires with extra traction. The VSA monitors tire movements and intervenes when needed to reduce the chances of the car plowing down a sloppy road.

Does VSA Affect Acceleration?

Vehicle stability assist doesn’t affect acceleration. Acceleration is managed by the car’s engine system so the VSA will not slow down acceleration. The VSA will only interfere when it’s necessary to provide the tires with more traction.

How much does it cost to fix the VSA system?

Ordinarily, it costs around 1300$ to 1700$ to fix the VSA system. The price can differ from states to states and the best place to get your Honda Accord VSA fixed is a Honda service center.

Alternatively, you can opt for a second hand VSA system which usually cost about $300 to $700.

What’s The ABS Module

The VSA system operates through the ABS. This means that sometimes, the ABS module causes Vehicle stability assist warning lights to come on.

How To Reset ABS Light?

To reset the ABS light, you should disconnect the positive cable from your car battery. After this, you need to drain the car’s electrical system, and to do this, you should hold down the brake pedal.

This will rest the car’s central computer and change the ABS sensor when the light comes back.

How To Fix The ABS Light?

Sometimes, resetting the ABS light won’t work and you need to replace it. You can follow these steps in fixing your car’s ABS light.

Check the ABS Fuse: Start by checking the ABS Fuse. The ABS system is uses a fuse protection in case of electrical. A damage to the fuse will affect the ABS.

When you replace a faulty fuse and it blows again, it suggest there’s a short circuit in the ABS computer or pump motor. You can find the ABS fuse in the fuse panel just under the dash. Alternatively, the fuse might be located in the power distribution center under the hood.

Test the ABS wheel Sensor: You should test the ABS wheel sensor which monitors the wheel rotation through the ABS computer. The wheel sensor can short out fault due to heavy vibration.

You will use a voltmeter. Of the result produce the following trouble codes C0035, C0040, C0041, C0045, C0046, C0050, C0051, C1221, C1222, C1223, C1224, C1225, C1226, C1227, C1228 , C1232, C1233, C1234 or C1235. It means the sensor is unplugged or it’s faulty and needs replacement. 

Replace The ABS Computer Module: The next step is to replace the ABS Computer Module. You can find the computer module at the top of the pump motor and it’s held by four or five mounting bolts. You can replace the ABS computer module using basic car tools and a floor jack. 

Check The Stator Ring: The last step is to check the Stator Ring to ensure they’re in good condition. The static ring works with the sensor to monitor the wheel rotation speed. A damage to the can cause the system to malfunction. Damages to the teeth of the static ring can slow down the wheel rotation.

The location of the static rings differs on cars. You can find some in plain sight while others might be located internally within the engine system.


The vehicle stability assist system is a feature that ensures smooth driving in a sloppy environment by providing the tires with needed traction.

Furthermore, Damage to the VSA system won’t affect the general functionality of the car. However, if you are in the habit of driving on slippery roads, you might need to fix the VSA system.

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