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What Other Rims Will Fit a Ford F-150?


If you bought yourself a Ford f-150 then you already have the best-selling truck in the whole world. But when it’s time to change its rims, what other rims will fit a ford f-150?

Each year Ford releases a new car in their series off-150. Each car has a different rim diameter. Numerous truck models are consistent with each other. As long as your rims have to have similar bolt designs as well as the same wheel measurement, it will fit a Ford f-150.

Specific rim widths designed for what tire size can be put on are made by tire manufacturers. Rims give a tire its actual size when mounted. The wheel measurement influences the performance of your tires. Let’s understand the different kinds of rims when switching them from one vehicle to the other.

Know Which Size Rim To Get For Your Ford f-150

Ford f-150 Rim

Rim diameter doesn’t bring about such changes. It only influences the sidewall profile. In any case, if you expect to go off-road, make the sidewalls higher for a superior footing once it’s flattened. A taller side-wall permits you a bigger, longer footprint, which makes a difference, particularly when driving on the sand.

The width of the wheel may allow you a little adaptability, whereas the diameter could be a bit more stern wheel measurement. The Ford F-150 rim width has a very significant effect on the size of the tires. If the tire set is on a rim that is narrow, it would be narrow too.

Factory wheels for Ford f-150 are largely manufactured by Detroit Wheel and Tire. Each year F150 brings out a distinctive wheel size. It’s vital to know the specs and measurements of your ride to work on them. For your gains, there could be a list of production line sizes and offsets of F150s since 2004

  • 2004-2008: 17×7.5 (6×135) 44mm offset
  • 2004-2008: 17×7.5 (7×150) 44mm offset
  • 2009-2014: 17×7.5 (6×135) 44mm offset
  • 2015-current: 17×7.5 (6×135) 44mm offset

Other Rims That Fit A Ford f-150

When changing rims to fit your Ford f-150, always remember different tire sizes have different terms that are important. You need to learn to read tire sizes accurately to get how tires fit onto the edge of your f-150 and how big you can go.

You have to see what wheel diameter and width your ford f-150 measures for the perfect fitment. Ford f-150 usually comes with standard wheel size. If you wish to upgrade your ford wheel you must first decide upon what type of tire you want for your upgrades.

As long as your rims have to have similar bolt designs as well as the same wheel measurement, you could look at a good upgrade over your vanilla rims if you play your cards right. We have narrowed down a list of wide varieties of rims which you can upgrade your ford truck when changing rims.

OE Wheels LLC Rims Chrome Wheel Hollander 3918

Set of OE Wheels polished 22-inch rims with Chrome wheel Hollander, designed to fit trucks and other similar vehicles.

The rim has an offset of +44, hub size 87-, and 6.73-Millimeter’s backspacing. Made with aluminum alloy wheels, the rim also has a tire pressure monitoring system installed.

Ion Wheels 141 Gloss Black Milled

The Ion Wheels has a size of 17 inches and is made with alloy steel, the rim is structured in a Stout 8 Spoke with Chamfered Edges design. The rim has a set of dip lips which adds depth and dimension to the product. Ion Wheels are the custom rims usually made for Ford f-150.

This one has a dark black color which will go great with your car if you have a black or gray colored car. 

22×9 Wheel Lincoln Trucks & SUV’s Chrome Rim

22 inches rim size made with aluminum, the rims have a four-piece construction and a chrome finish. Made with aluminum wheels, the rims weigh only 124 pounds. Chrome rims are often a great choice when it comes to changing your ford’s rims.

You’d be happy to know it has a one year face finish warranty. So, if you are looking for rims that will retain their shine for the longest, this one is worth the consideration.

American Racing Outlaw I AR61

The American racing custom has aluminum with a clear coat finish with machined face and center cap.

The rims are available in 14” and 15” diameters with various widths and off-sets with 15-inch wheel size. It weighs about 18 pounds and has 5 bolt patterns. A great choice for your ford with having the option to choose between two rim diameters.

Verde Wheels – V39 Parallax Gloss Black

With tire pressure monitoring system compatibility, the rim comes with a Machined Face. Verde Wheels has a One-piece cast aluminum construction with 22-inch diameters and 9-inch rim width. The gloss black finish adds a very sharp look to your ford f-150 truck making your wheels stand out with great suspension.

Pacific Dualies 43-1608 Polished

Made from 304 stainless steel, the Pacific Dualies has a very Over-the-lug mounting style. With 17-inch dimensions, the rim fits for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive, weighing only ‎13.25 pounds. Fit for the ford f-150 series as well as other similar vehicles.

Pro Comp Alloys Series 69 Wheel

With flat black finish Pro Comp Alloys comes in 15 inches wheel size rim diameters and 3.75inch backspacing.

The product weighs around 16 pounds and has a 4.5-inch bolt pitch circle dimension pattern. One of the best fits when looking for an upgrade for your ford.


With a wide variety of choices, there are many companies to choose from when it comes to upgrading your rims on your Ford f-150. With numerous truck models that have the same specs as each other, it is easy to find yourself a fighting rim for your ride. But, still taking your time and finding the right one is very important as rims can differ from brand to brand.

Many think same brand rims are the best but that is not always the case. Sometimes 3rd party rims could actually turn out even better.

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