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What Does XLT Mean On Ford?


Car manufacturers launch different editions of the same model over time. XLT is such a trim level from Ford. To have an idea, among other trims, you need to learn what does XLT mean on ford.

Ford has around eight trim levels for the users. They are XL, XLT, Lariat, Limited, Platinum, King Ranch®, Tremor®, and Raptor. These are not any truck models. Instead, these refer to different editions of a single car. Each of them comes with its individual features and gestures. Extra Luxurious Truck is the elaboration for XLT.

XLT doesn’t mean Extra Large/Long Truck. So, it relates nothing to the length of the bed of a truck. You will find Ford’s XLT trim package for both long bed and short bed trucks. All the F-series trucks from Ford, Ford Rangers, Ford Expeditions, and Ford Explorers offer XLT trim packages.

Different Trim levels On Ford

Trim or Trim Level package means the combination of some features that are offered on a specific car. An individual car model is launched with different trim levels as each of them is blessed with particular characteristics. So, while buying a vehicle, you can choose your preferred Trim package and get your job done.

You can switch between Trim levels to get other features. Remember that every Trim package of a single vehicle contains standard-level features that have been fixed for that very model. Other specifications come with different trims.

Let’s take a quick look at the available trims of Ford vehicles:

The Raptor

This unique trim offered by Ford is only featured on the F-150. Ford has dedicated this trim for off-road usage with traction features.

Black Ford F-150 Raptor

Here, the suspension and shocks are designed to tackle the trail. You will find this trim with all-terrain, large tires to help you with the best handling and control.

The Limited

If you mistake this trim as built for fewer people and hold some restrictions, it is to inform you that it solely depends on the users’ willingness.

This one is expensive and comes with terrific features. You will find an incredibly luxurious interior with this trim. It is used among the most expensive Ford trucks.

The Platinum

One of the first two premium trims of Ford is Platinum. It’s one of the best performers and preferred trims of the time. The trim offers strong engines with a fantastic interior and reliable safety measures.

The King Ranch

Being popular over some decades, this trim is for mid-range users with a bunch of luxurious features. It provides you with sophistication and terrific performance.

The Lariat

If you are looking for a used Ford truck that is up for sale, you might count on this trim. In the case of the Ford Ranger, this is the most preferable trim that you may find.

It offers you better features than XL and XLT in overall comparison. You can consider it as a fantastic trim in the mid-luxury range.


XLT is the very first upgrade from XL trim. You will find more sophisticated and powerful service from an XLT than a regular XL. Powerful engines are offered here. You can get more admirable features for both outside and inside.

The XL

This is the starting trim for Ford trucks. Whatever the vehicle is from Ford, XL refers to the backbone trim of that very model, which comes with some ground-level features.

This trim is more like a primary option for used Ford trucks. You may find both standard and powerful engines offered in this trim.

XLT Trim On Different Ford Vehicles

Every vehicle of Ford carries different trim based on their models. In the case of XLT trim, some notable features are offered against a car from Ford. These features are unique in nature.

Let’s have a look at the XLT trim features for different Ford vehicles:

Ford Expedition

You will find Ford Expedition in both standard trim and XLT trim packages. Compared to the 2020 model, with XLT trim package, you will find 18-inch machined aluminum wheels, color matching grille with color-matching fascia on the lower bumper.

It also comes with a satellite radio facility, rain-sensing wipers, and even dual-zone automatic temperature control. The trim offers you SYNC system voice commands, reverse sensing systems, and many more.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer is in the market with different trim packages like XLT, Limited, Platinum, etc. While comparing this trim with other 2020 models, you will get Leather seats with automatic LED low-beam headlamps.

This trim also offers you a SecuriCode keyless entry keypad and some amazing technologies like tri-zone electronic temperature control and so on. You will also get a feature FordPass Connect that comes with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

Ford Ranger Trucks

You may have Ford Ranger trucks with any of the XL, XLT, or Lariat trim packages.

Some of the unique features of this trim in Ford Ranger Trucks are like 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot, SYNC infotainment interfacing, and Ford Co-Pilot360 technology. There is also support for a six-speaker audio system, forward and reverse sensing system, 4.2-inch vehicle information screen, etc.

Ford Truck Models

Ford Truck Models

F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-450 are the members of this type. All of these come with XLT trim as well.

Comparing this trim to other F-series models, you will find some amazing and special features. You will get cruise control here. Front halogen fog lamps, driver and passenger, covered side mirrors, and even Power glass side view mirrors are offered here.

It comes with a Power locking tailgate, chrome front and rear bumpers, color-coordinated carpeted floor mats, manual driver and front passenger lumbar control, and many more notable features to meet your expectations.

Comparison Between XL And XLT Trim

In 2020, Ford offered notable distinctions on the exterior and interior features of XL and XLT trim packages. The difference will ease your choosing process.

The XLT, for example, comes with a 3.0 Liter Powerstroke V6 Diesel Engine. The XL package, on the other hand, does not provide a diesel engine option.

The XLT comes with 17-inch silver-painted aluminum wheels. However, the XL is made of silver-painted steel. The XL package has four additional wheel packages, while the XLT package has six.

Speed restriction, maximum radio volume, and buckle-up features are standard and pre-installed on the XLT model, however they are optional on the XL.

When you buy an XLT, you get Sync 3, a voice-activated entertainment system. The XL model, on the other hand, just comes with a conventional AM/FM radio.

Both the front and rear bumpers of the XLT are chromed. And when it comes to XL bumpers, only black coated steel bumpers are available.

The XLT has a power tailgate, while the XL has no such assistance. It has halogen front fog lights and electric glass side mirrors. It also features manual driver and lumbar passenger supports for better seat control.


Ford makes its designers work hard to introduce different updated features against each model. That’s why you will see this lot of variable trims available for you. These specific features are offered in individual trim packages to meet the customer’s preferences while ensuring comfortability and security.

From the above-stated info, now you know what XLT means for Ford vehicles. Don’t forget that these features vary from one model year to another. Keep track of these features to get the best vehicle for your preference, as trucks are not something to have in plenty for personal use!

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