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Are Manual Transmissions More Reliable?


Buying a car needs more research and understanding of its parts and types. There are manual and automatic transmissions that are now sold in the market. People will always choose the car that can bring them comfort like the automatic but others also ask, “are manual transmissions more reliable?”

Typically, manual transmissions are more reliable than automatic cars. You have full control of the brakes and acceleration. It means that you don’t need to rely on computerized sensors to detect your surroundings like the automatic cars.

Although automatic cars are more technologically advanced, several people still want to drive manual transmissions. There are instances that you can benefit from using automatic but others say the manual is more reliable. Keep reading as we will discuss why manual transmission vehicles are better.

Is Manual Transmission More Affordable to Maintain than an Automatic?

Manual transmission cars cost more affordable than automatic ones. This also applies to the maintenance of both cars.


The maintenance of a manual transmission car is less expensive since the parts are more accessible to automotive experts. As for the automatic, its parts are more complex since it uses high-technology devices.

Automatic transmissions require careful maneuvering of their parts. There are instances that the repair or maintenance may fail which costs greatly to its function.

Several people today chose to buy manual transmission cars due to the maintenance and price. Since old cars are manual, some of them are used to their control.

Why Manual Transmissions Are More Reliable than Automatic?

Cars in the past were commonly designed with manual transmission. These kinds of cars possessed three pedals: clutch, accelerator, and brake.


As the technology continues to rise, automatic transmission cars become available. Instead of three pedals, it only has the accelerator and brake. Most of its crucial parts are operated with modern machinery.

Here are the following reasons why manual transmissions are more reliable than automatic:

Automatic is easy to drive

Everyone can drive automatic transmission cars. This is why manual types require in-depth understanding and learning before you can consider yourself a professional driver.

Although a driver’s license proves that a driver is legitimate and can legally drive on the road. You may want to practice and train before hitting up the road.

Manual transmission is difficult to control if you are new to it. It means that not all the people can move your car.

You can control it properly

It’s a fact that automatic transmission brings advantages in terms of comfort. As for the manual transmission, you are responsible for all of the controls in your car.

Computerized cars limit you from having full control of the car. Sometimes, it will shift on its own even if you set it to manual mode.

Manual transmissions provide more advantages in terms of maneuvering. All of your maneuverings are up to your jurisdiction.

You have the idea to drive several vehicles

Manual transmission trains you from a lot of vehicle types. If you know how to drive this kind of car, you are capable of driving motorcycles, forklifts, etc.

Most vehicles are designed to be manual. If you are used to driving automatic cars, you may not be able to drive other types of vehicles.

Old types of cars have 3 pedals. The Clutch is removed from the automatic transmission.

Other people may not borrow your car unless they know how to maneuver it

Anyone you know may hesitate to borrow your car since it is a manual transmission. The controls are not common to others which is an advantage on your side.

Apart from your friends, your car is less attractive to theft. It’s another benefit for you since you don’t have to worry much about robbers.

You can use your car for autocross or track day

Since manual transmission allows you full control, you can adjust the RPM and the engine of the car while driving. Unlike automatic cars, manual versions focus on the cooler and fluid for the transmission.

The manual transmission doesn’t heat up when you drive it. It does not have an oil pump that increases its temperature.

You don’t need to wait

Automatic transmission needs time to adjust and identify the gear to be used. It’s the mechanism that allows a certain speed for the car.

In using a manual transmission, you can immediately control the acceleration. You can change gear when you want to. Regardless of how long your travel is, you can stop and go whenever you want to.

You have a connection with your vehicle

Some automatic transmission car drivers say you can completely control the car if you are connected to your vehicle. In driving this kind of car, you need precise adjustments or proper blending of the pedals and gears.

Automatic car types may allow you to maneuver them but it still has their control. This is why some people who are used to driving manuals say that this vehicle is kind of off from their operation.

Minimized car maintenance

If you own a manual transmission, you most likely have less maintenance. The automatic types require a change in their filters and fluids regularly.


More maintenance means expensive costs. You can’t ignore the updates needed by your car. To sustain longevity, you must follow the maintenance rules required by the manufacturer.

You can control the car properly during wet weather

Driving when it is raining is slippery. Manual transmission cars are more reliable in this situation. It allows you to have full control of its speed.

Another path that is risky when driving during rainy weather is curvature. You can easily manage the car if you drive down this road. Take note that wet roads make it difficult for the driver to maneuver the car.

Changing transmission fluid is easy

Changing transmission fluid of the manual car is easy. All you need to do is drain the oil and refill it. The automatic types, on the other hand, require filters before you can completely change them.


It’s for the person on what to choose between the manual and automatic transmission. Some may find manuals more beneficial but others may also have comfort when driving automatic. If you are a driver who wants to have more control over the vehicle, manual cars are more reliable.

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